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Sun, Apr 26, 2015, 6:48am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S4: The Host

Omg - everybody's so intellectual and seemingly not viscerally disturbed by this episode as I was - I'm so grossed out by this episode in so many ways - it's kinda nauseatingly creepy how it starts off as an almost Aliens-like impregnation suspense theme, combined with the betrayal of Odan's self presentation to Crusher. So creepy.
Then, when they did find out that he was actually just a worm squirming inside a host and Beverly had essential fallen in love with this Trill thing, there was virtually zero reaction from any of the crew, least of all Dr. Beverly. I mean, sure when things went south after the shuttle incident they seemed a natural level of concerned, but after that it was as if nothing had phased her about her boyfriend being basically pregnant with the alien-worm (true) version of himself. Seriously!? Sure in the TNG universe everyone in Starfleet is super open minded and educated and generally unphased by strange beings or
bizarre phenomenon, well, mostly anyways, but I would've expected at least some base level reaction of mild disgust or turned-offness in some respect. i mean... Look at that thing!!
Yeah so, I agree about Riker's performance and the philosophical intrigue of pondering love in many forms, and even slightly agree with the comments about it being a good opportunity to "tackle" homophobia (although in a way they kind of did - it was probably pretty edgy for 1990's television - she did after all, sensually kiss Beverly's wrist and for a belief moment Dr. Crusher seemed quite taken...)
I also wondered where Riker's conciousness went. But overall it was just a weird and disturbing episode for me. The fact that everyone acted so normal was disturbing in itself. Plus, McFadden's character role often makes me laugh - a lot of the time when things are supposed to be serious, she just carries on with an almost childlike goofiness - it's fairly subtle but sometimes it's just that slightly vacant , off-in-la-la-land look in her eyes or that slight goofy smirk when shit's going down that provides a bit of comic relief when things get tense on the Enterprise. So it wasn't the most convincing portrayal of a heated romance from my POV either. It was amusingly disturbing. I'll give it that.
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