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Fri, Jan 25, 2019, 12:30am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: New Eden

Who can forget the scene in DS9's "In the Pale Moonlight" with Sisko and Senator Vreenak? The entire episode was brilliantly scripted by Ronald D. Moore, but this scene in particular percolated with wit and tension. T

Sisko and Vreenak are drinking Romulan ale, which Sisko had replicated. Sisko then tries to convince the Romulan that a Federation-Romulan alliance is a good idea, because if the Dominion wins - thereby gaining control of Cardassia, The Klingon Empire, and the Federation, the Romulans will be.... surrounded.

It is right after the utterance of this word when the Romulan says, about the replicated ale, "It really is a good replica. The aroma's starting to grow on me. For a moment there I almost forgot that it wasn't the real thing, but only for a moment. "

So it goes with Discovery. Tonight's episode moved incrementally closer to the feel of a TOS or DS9 or TNG episode, but it did so... mostly superficially. Words about religion versus science were uttered. Quotes from Arthur C. Clarke about extraterrestrials being God evoke the days of TOS in which every other episode seemed to feature a God entity presiding over an alien race. There is even a character - a naysayer - who believes that the Discovery crew does indeed exist, and travels through space on a starship. These plot components, or ones like them, were staples of TNG/DS9/TOS fare.

What Discovery has never learned (and I fear never will, despite the writers' obsession with the word "context") is how to slow things down to the point where any of the lines, or images, or references, are allowed to germinate and develop into an actual scene that lasts for three minutes. Serialization has already presented problems for the show (Stamets' mourning Dr. Culber was all Stamets was given to do, and the character deserves better than having to play the same simply plotted beats over and over again; conversely, some storylines have simply been confusingly plotted over the course of several episodes); a serialized show that plays as if every second must be dialed up to 11 does not work; there is an enjoyment moment to moment but nothing to ponder when the episode ends.
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