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Wed, Apr 8, 2020, 10:36pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S3: Yesterday's Enterprise

I watched quite a few episodes of TNG when it was originally aired and wasn't enough of a 'fan' to follow onto the spinoffs (and from what I've heard, Berman is definitely a mismatch for the material). As well, I haven't seen every episode nor care about the lore, only the concepts and how those concepts are handled on an episode by episode basis, with only really being nitpicky about character motivations, performances, etc. You know, 'does it hold up as part of the series and as a standalone?' And the sci-fi stuff...well, yeah, it's sci-fi. Literally every sci-fi movie/series (even the movie Primer which took itself a little too seriously on the sci-side of sci-fi) can be dismantled because really the story and execution of the story is more important in...storytelling.

So I'm just commenting on my perspective as I drop a 9/10 review here. I'm rewatching the entire series front to back and so far, this has been my favorite episode. Most of them, I have playing in the background while I am working on something else, but this one I stopped what I was doing and actively watched it start to finish.

To some of the commenters talking about Picard listening to Guiana, I don't think that was a hangup of writing as many people point out. I think Picard, knowing that the Federation was going to lose the war anyway found hope in 'this timeline isn't right'. However, I think where expanding the episode into more parts might have been interesting would be exploring how he lived a life of war that should have never happened. They do touch on this idea with Yar, but finding out you had an unnecessary existence inside of a 20 year war where you likely had many friends who died in it...I would think Picard would have a little trouble dealing with it. However, given the format of 45-ish minutes that the story must be told in, I don't mind it not being there.

For the other comments that Yar shouldn't go back after Picard fought, well, maybe that's implied in the point I just brought up. Maybe Picard thinks his death would be pointless in this timeline and giving Yar a chance to correct her pointless death is something he thinks he can do given he is about to have a heroic last stand for something he thinks can prevent the war from ever happening.

And finally, I think comments trashing the actress portraying Yar generally have no merit. I won't say she's the best thing to ever grace TNG, but people really overstate the negatives of her performance to the point of unreasonable vitriol. I simply don't get it. No one in the first season was doing all that great. As the series goes on, everyone in the cast begins maturing into their character. That's just how series work. Even in films, as shooting progresses, you can sense whether the movie was shot in sequence or out of sequence because of the longer time spent in character.

At any rate, again, dropping a 9/10 on this episode. Not perfect, but is both energetic and poses interesting concepts in a concrete form that often are just silly discussions one might have while smoking a joint or having a beer with a close friend. Very cool and very Star Trek.
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