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david x
Mon, Mar 18, 2019, 8:06am (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S1: The Galileo Seven

Yes, I noticed that too - that really is the transporter effect on the planet, right? Maybe it's the sound of the Enterprise beaming those test objects up and down somewhere in the distance ;)

Spock's decision to go look for Gaetano doesn't strike me as especially human *or* Vulcan - it's a guy under his command, period. I would expect that from any Starfleet officer. What's really illogical and overly heroic is to leave the phaser behind. Scotty can only work with one phaser at a time, and what the hell was your plan going in there unarmed?ë

Anyway the final scene is great 20th century television. Kirk fails miserably in his attempt at a racist joke - all he can come up with as an insult is "you're a stubborn man" -, and then everyone is just laughing hysterically for like 20 minutes straight. As the camera pulls away Scotty can be seen laughing so hard he has to lean against the turbolift door. Meanwhile, two people are lying in their cold graves on a distant, barren planet, never to see Earth again. Oh well.

(By the way for me it's original effects all the way. That really takes me back to my childhood, and they are often surprisingly good. And yes, if anyone's asking, the blu-ray box set does give you that option.)
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