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Wed, May 27, 2020, 8:32pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S3: Defiant

I wanted to add that unlike many I actually did NOT mind the romantic vibes and the final kiss between Kira and Tom... they obviously were attracted to each other at first sight and felt immediate chemistry (I’ve definitely had that experience before) and once that happens it is always a present factor when you are around that person, even in the back of your mind. Keep in mind that Kira also personally sympathized with Tom and his anti Cardassian efforts and “heroism” even though officially she had to oppose it... she has been in a similar place herself. So at the end it was a dramatic, emotion filled moment with Tom about to go to terrible Cardassian prison possibly for life and Kira seeing that about to happen in someone he has that fundamental attraction for (and Tom for her), so a kiss in that moment did not seem at all bad to me (she could be the last pretty woman Tom will ever get to kiss, and Riker does like his women). Sure it is a little romanticized but that’s hardly out of place on Star Trek with its Shakespearean tropes. And for those who say this is them “using” Kira to be a sexual character, come on, it’s just a last minute good by kiss at a very emotional moment. Lighten up.
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Wed, May 27, 2020, 8:24pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S3: Defiant

This is in general a very good episode of DS9 of my favorite sub genre, political intrigue (mixed with star ship action). I also like the light, cheerful setup of Kira meeting (Tom) Riker and the way things turn dark once they get to the Defiant.

Much of my praise for this episode has already been said, so I’ll get to what bothers me. I will say that this is more something that has come to bother me on rewatching the episode, as I only remember being mono rly annoyed by it the first viewing. My issue is once The Defiant gets stolen and Kira gets taken to the bridge, they really lay on the “main characters are more intelligent and dominant over guest characters” thing. It’s pretty annoying/unplausible how once we get to that point, Tom basically only talks to Kira and none of his fellow Maquis, as though she is now his advisor and counselor (even though she is being pretty negative). She is able to aggressively psychoanalyze Tom and he only makes weak attempts at defense, and it strikes me as funny that Tom cares so much about what his prisoner thinks that at crucial decision moments she is the only one he is talking to as opposed to his crew (especially when the decision is made to surrender, he doesn’t even get a word out of them as he is too busy listening and talking to Kira), It just gives the feel of Kira, a main character, “knows best”, and Tom seems like a rebellious or petulant child in relation to her.

Specifically I would have liked to see him stand up to her better when she attacks the role he is playing for the Maquis, acting like he isn’t a “real” Maquis because the Maquis are terrorists so he should be immediately taking The Defiant to hurt Cardassia as much as possible; to kill people. He should have responded with something like “Actually the Maquis are freedom fighters, fighting for freedom from Cardassian oppression. Yes, often that means behaving like terrorists and simply trying to hurt and kill Cardassians or damage their infrastructure to cause terror, but other times it involves strategic operations like this one to best harm our enemy’s power. Our goal is the defeat of the Cardassian effort to occupy our territory, and if we are doing what we think best works towards that goal than we are being true ‘Maquis’.“
... it wouldn’t have to be that long but he shouldn’t have just been “beaten” by Kira in their dialogue/arguments as much as she was, so something to that effect would have been nice. Especially since this part of Kira’s analysis is overly simple and would have easily been defeated better this way this just by sulking and saying “You shouldn’t go fishing today, you won’t catch much.”

Finally though Kira’s talk about using The Defiant to harm Cardassia did make me think that it would have been nice if they had cut some of the back and forth between Tom and Kira to show The Defiant getting to use its power and destroying a Cardassian patrol or outpost in the area before the heavy reinforcements showed up.

Anyway very good episode in general but like I said when I watch it these days the Tom/Kira back and forth gets to me more and more with how it plays center stage for almost the rest of my he episode, and how Kira basically walks all over Tom in it because she is a main character and we have to get to see them show off.
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