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Sun, Sep 11, 2016, 8:23pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S5: I, Borg

For me, the borg becomes individual far too quickly, the episode paints the crew as if they are fattening a pig for a big feast and when it comes to the time to kill it they can't go through with it because they've given it a name and everyone feels like meat eating might not be justifiable.

not to mention the borg character is not interesting, and for those who have lost alot (or come close to losing alot) namely picard and guinan, people change their mind easily as to how they percieve 'Hugh' and what they think of him and subsequently his role in genocide.

how about this instead. picard agrees to analyse the borg member in the hopes of finding weaknesses and exploits for any future encounters with the borg, and through doing this realises there might be a way to eradicate the borg altogether. his crew have their various battles with the morality of that situation, especially since the borg is behaving differently and cooperating since his capture, (although i don't think he needs a name or to be particuarly fond of geordi and i also don't think he requires a paradigm shift in borg ideology as just because he has been disconnected for a few days, it hardly brings back all his individuality. now picard realises that it is not what the federation stands for to destroy entire cultures and peoples and argues this case to the higher ups, which SHOULD feature in the episode in order that the final say IS to do something about the Borg and if that means a virus then goddamnit picard you're orders are clear. picard doesn't like the way this sits on his conscience but, like the best episodes of trek, he does not pussy out and find a magical way to get out of the situation, no, instead he carries out the orders at the protests of some of his crew (noted doctor) and that's that. the plan fails anyway perhaps simply delaying the borg a small amount of time but eventually the borg overcome the virus considering how ridiculously superior in terms of technology they are and subsequently the borg can still turn up and do whatever they want.

I am also a die hard voyager fan and believe the best representation of borg individuality and the troubles therein was undoubtedly 7 of 9, who by the way, got to keep the name 7, instead of getting a crap name like hugh, seeing as that was her chosen name, and there's nothing wrong with a number being your name if it's how you identify as an individual among many.
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