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Mon, Jan 29, 2018, 12:38pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S4: Hard Time

I'd love this episode if I wasn't filled with incadescent rage over an alien regime not only being allowed to do something like that to O'Brien, but that the Argrathi got off scot-free. The Federation has the power to throw around and O'Brien is not unimportant. What with him being a 15 times decorated veteran having gone through 230+ battles in service to the Federation along with everything else, one'd almost be surprised if the Federation didn't raise merry hell over it. Unjustly forcing mind-torture upon visiting dignitaries over a faux-pas one could overlook is grounds for war.

I like the human aspect of the story and the focus upon O'Brien after the fact, but it had better be relevant later on.

And I still dearly wish for nothing else than complete purgation upon this filthy xenos race. Poisoning their atmosphere with trilithium wouldn't be impossible, after all, Sisko did something like that to the Maquis in "For the Uniform". But noooo, Roddenberry's Federation would never do anything like that because they are the bigger man and in the meanwhile the Argrathi will continue doing their shit to other unsuspecting dignitaries AND their own people.

7,5/10 - Good performances from O'Brien and Bashir, but nowhere near the same level as "The Visitor".
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