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Fri, Jan 24, 2020, 1:35pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Remembrance


Neoconservatives typically advocate the promotion of democracy and American national interest in international affairs, including peace through strength (by means of military force), and are known for espousing disdain for communism and for political radicalism.

Not sure what you are referring to.

As to the servants, BZ's comment is apt in that from what we know of the Romulans, they wouldn't be welcome on Earth. Probably refugees.

@ Chrome

"Because they're Romulans. The Klingons did the same thing in TUC when Praxis exploded, remember?"

Sure, I remember. Yes, the Klingons would never ask for help, but I not so sure the xenophobic Romulan's wouldn't call for help in a situation like this. I think they did ask for help, and Spock answered by trying to help them?
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Fri, Jan 24, 2020, 12:16pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Remembrance


"So, can we wager on future events? It seems pretty obvious, given the Romulan infatuation with technology and Machiavellian gambits, that the synthetics who started the Mars incident were Romulan-instigated."

I don't know that I agree here.

I'm thinking that maybe Maddox got a little over-zealous, which is consistent with him in MoM, and causes this whole thing? Why would the Romulans instigate this when they needed the Picard led evacuation effort?

It will be fun to find out though.
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Fri, Jan 24, 2020, 12:11pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Remembrance

@ MidshipmanNorris

"I'm gonna say this right up front and without apology: DSC and PIC are two of the LOUDEST shows I've ever watched. I CAN'T HEAR THE DIALOGUE!! Why does the music/sfx have to be so OBSCENELY LOUD?!?!?"

I should have mentioned this. I had the same issue. Very frustrating. The only way I got around it was my sound bar has a button that accentuates conversation. Primarily used for news and documentaries, etc. It worked for me, I'd be interested to hear other solutions.

"At the end of "The Offspring," Data said he uploaded Lal's experience memories into his positronic brain. I'm not sure what this means, but... It seems quite significant."

Could be. This could be where Maddox got info for a pair of Data daughters?

@ OmicronThetaDeltaPhi

"Am I the only person here who is bothered by the fact that the Trekverse has been turned into some kind dystopia? It seems that the same people who had this exact same problem with Discovery, suddenly accept it now without any problem."

Because it's not a dystopian future. Shit happens, even in a Utopian future (which trek NEVER was, Earth was the only utopia). In this case, androids went bats...t and caused some major deaths (900,000?) and there ARE social/institutional and governmental consequences! I like some realism over patty cake pie in the sky plot lines.

"Do you realize what this means for TNG, if we accept any of this as canon? What it means for the inspiring message behind many TNG episodes, to "know" that in 20 years the federation is going to look like this?"

You don't have a choice, it is canon. ... and this will mean nothing to TNG. The inspiring message will come as a result of Picard's effort throughout the series I'm sure.

What does the "federation look like"? Romulus is gone, Mars is ablaze... but what else is messed up?

"It may be good TV, but it's depressing as f***."

I have confidence in Jean-Luc Picard to fix this.

@ Norvo

"Yes, it's a dream sequence so anything goes: but Data never wore that First Contact era uniform on the Enterprise-D (and Picard never drank tea with milk and sugar either)."

Wow, wow, wow... trekkies' innate ability for detail amazes me. :-)

"The Bruce Maddox reference. I wonder if we get to see Brian Brophy reprise his role, IMDB doesn't list Picard among his credits (in fact, he hasn't been in anything since 2014)."

I couldn't open this at work, but thinks he's coming back.

"If All Good Things... is still canon, there's a chance Picard is suffering from the Alzheimer like Irumodic syndrome. One wonders if this will come to play before the season is through."

True enough. I hope they don't gloss over this. Unless that future didn't really happen because Picard figured the puzzle out in AGT's?

Oh, one more.... I got a chuckle out of "Tea, Earl Grey, decaff" ... especially Picard's tone while saying "decaff".
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Fri, Jan 24, 2020, 6:52am (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Remembrance

@ John Harmon

"I was really worried about Picard and I’m glad I was wrong."

Well, he's not Picard from 20 years ago, but I'm fine with the 80 year old version.

"Shockingly not everything in the trailer ended up in the first episode which I really thought would happen."

I'm not sure I like this. I think I would have rather had the trailer just reveal 'Remembrance' stuff and left us guessing for what's to come. I don't think they needed Jerry Ryan to sell this thing, or Riker. Kind of made the big reveal of the Borg Cube kind of blah.

"I’m sad that B-4 didn’t make it. I loved that aspect of the Countdown comic, that the memory transfer worked."

I'm not sad at all. B4 shouldn't have been able to handle "Data". If it could, why create Data in the first place? I'm not familiar with the Countdown Comic, but if was revealed by Dr. Agnes Jurati here that B-4 couldn't handle it.

"I’m confused as to how Picard’s rescue attempt on the Romulans was connected to the “rogue synthetics” destroying the Mars shipyard. That journalist was basically blaming him for it."

Me too... clarity forthcoming I hope.

"I’m also confused how Starfleet had a slave race of androids anyway. Wasn’t that the point of Measure Of A Man? I guess they weren’t sentient?"

MoM dodged the sentient thing all together. Data was only awarded the right to choose, not sentience.


"One part of the history I found dubious is the Romulan supernova and the Romulans reaching out to the Federation for help as if it was an emergency and they didn't see it coming. If anything, the Romulans are extremely good strategists and should have been able to predict their sun going supernova with plenty of time for evacuation/relocation."

I've thought this since ST2009. The whole scenario make no scientific sense what-so-ever.

@ Nolan

"I will say, that while I like DS9 for it's serialization, I don't know if Trek works as a fully serialized series. On-going plot threads, myth arcs, and some multiple episode plot arcs have shown to be really successful, in fact, DS9 and to an extent ENT showed how to do story arcs in Trek successfully, because in those there was overarcing stories and themes, but each episode maintained it's own identity and focus, whilst contributing to the bigger story, even if it was a one-off because it allowed for some pacing. I don't mind heavy serialization, but I'm starting to miss the semi-serial/episodic format. That's where Trek lives at its best I think."

I agree. While DSC appears to be stuck in the season long story arcs, I'm hoping for some sort of episodic format here, but I'm afraid I'm not going to get it. Modern TV seems to be serial... especially with the shortened seasons.

@ Tranya and Tonic

"Nice Disco tie-in with the boyfriend being a Xahean, like Tilly's friend Po."

Wow, nice catch. I completely missed that one.

I have no issue with Soji and her sister. Looking forward to learning how they made them. Having some sort of "Data" around for Picard will pay off I'm sure.

Something I forgot to post last night.... I smell Lore here... but knowing that Spiner was dead set against reviving Data I could be wrong.

Nice to see some new activity here.


Anyone know when DSC Season 3 will be available?
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Thu, Jan 23, 2020, 9:44pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Remembrance

Just fantastic!! Super excited to see the rest.

Starting off with a poker game. Perfect.

Data was used expertly I thought. Not hitting your head over it but used in context beautifully.

Was this his brother's vineyard?

I think this opener did what it needed to do. Filled us in on the past and reintroduced us to Picard. The synthetic thing really surprised me. It also surprised me that Star Fleet got cold feet... I think they could have mentioned Spock's effort to stop the supernova. This did, of course, validate the "Kelvin" timeline. (as much as I hate calling it that) I like the look of the show.

The interview was a perfect way to fill us in. Dunkirk was perfect too. I only got the reference because of the recent movie.

Taj wasn't activated? .... hmmm... intriguing.

A tremendous job with the fight scenes I thought. The only part that caught my eye in a bad way was when she blew up and Picard was blasted what, 75+ feet? .... he's 80 you know ...

Was there an episode in TNG where Data actually painted that picture?

I got a little sentimental when Picard went into the storage room...

Nice insertion of Mattox I thought (someone that 99% of trekkies hate). It looks like he continued his work after synthetics were banned... made himself a couple of synthetics. Data is still unique and B4 couldn't handle the download during Nemesis. (THANK YOU!)

Flesh android? ... Why ban androids and not holograms?

Nice to see a couple of Romulans living with Picard.

I like the actress that plays Dr. Asher (Soji).

Then, of course, the big reveal at the end showing us a Borg cube.

The theme didn't grab me as the Discovery theme did. Not bad of course, (not Faith of the Heart for sure) but nothing special. I'm sure I'll grow to love it.

I can't wait to meet the rest of the regulars and get this show on the road.

I'm glad they release these earlier. I hated having to wait until 8:30 for a new episode of Discovery.

An easy 4-star opener for me.

Make it so!!
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Mon, Jan 13, 2020, 9:43am (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S2: Carbon Creek


Welcome!! Look forward to your ENT episode reviews.

I love the series too.


That didn't happen.
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Thu, Dec 19, 2019, 6:36am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S2: Innocence

@ Trish
Sat, Mar 23, 2019, 10:46pm (UTC -6)

"It would be interesting if there were a way to know whether there is any correlation between liking this episode and having at some point actually faced one's own death, or accompanied someone else on that journey.

The idea of it as a time when we become like children facing an unknown "monster" and wondering if having more "faith" would bring peace has a depth that may not be appreciated by those who have not (yet) been there.

Unless the Morrock happens to come very suddenly for you, I think you will someday understand."

I might add that this episode might be more palatable to you if you have had kids as well.

Great points Trish.
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Thu, Dec 19, 2019, 6:25am (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S2: Pen Pals

@ OmicronThetaDeltaPhi

"To be fair, warp drive is clearly described (in the Trekverse) as something that came completely out of the blue. It's not a natural development from previous technologies, nor does it require a mammoth effort of engineering."

Would you please explain what in the trekverse made you come to that conclusion?

"There's no way to predict such wildcard technologies. Such a breakthrough could happen tomorrow, or it could take a million years. You kinda hinted at this when you discussed the transporter, but the same - really - is true for warp drive as well."

Well, one would think in the trekverse, evaluating the advancement of a race based on what it takes to develop said technology would make perfect sense.

What are they supposed to use? .... have them take a test?

Further, I've always thought that "we" didn't want to expose a race to the interstellar community until they possessed the technology to participate in it. Warp drive in the trekverse is the means to that end. This is why, to me, in The Orville, when they made first contact with that species because they transmitted a signal asking if someone was out there was stupid.
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Wed, Nov 27, 2019, 8:39am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S5: Someone to Watch Over Me

Mon, Nov 25, 2019, 6:01pm (UTC -6)

"I laughed, I cried.

I did both at once and didn’t know why.

This was simply sublime. Achingly, supernaturally well done, with a pitch-perfect, sensitive, perceptive script that seemed to come right of the characters’ souls and superb production. Consummate work from Ryan, Picardo - shoot, virtually everyone involved - brought it to life (though maybe Tom and B’Elanna just filled their stock roles).

The wry humor, the song ... good lord, the song! A sentient hologram and a Borg refugee sing a crusty old bit of cornball Americana cheese to a heartless MIDI bandbox accompaniment - on a starship no less - and I’m watching alone in my living room, laughing and clapping and tearing up. What the hell is WRONG with me?"

Absolutely nothing. I did the same, and I'm sure there are many more that didn't want to reveal their sappiness in public. I've seen this episode countless times and each time it inspires some sort of emotion. ... more when I've had a few cocktails... :-)

Love your written expression here. Very interesting and enjoyable reading through your posts.
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Wed, Nov 20, 2019, 8:19am (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S2: The Child


"It feels almost irresponsible to do something like this in a show that's so episodic, where the inconceivable (heh) experience of impregnation-gestation-childbirth-childrearing-suddenly your kid's reverted to a point of light and flown off into space... has no consequences ever again? It trivialises the whole experience, really, because Troi's no different ever again. (At least, as far as I've seen.)"

I didn't care at all about this watching this episode. I really fail to see why so many have issues with this episode.

Trivializes? What would make you happy, that she was brutally scared for life? ... or someone was mind raped (Inner light) or everyone starts going bat-crap crazy (VOY: Memorial)?

I for one, am happy that an encounter with an advanced life form didn't end with a huge misunderstanding, a battle or someone dying.

I'd say Troi gained a wonderful, life altering experience here. I'd think she'd tell you that as well.

This is one of my favorite TNG episodes.
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Sun, Nov 17, 2019, 10:27am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S5: In the Cards

@Mark Bogn

""You wouldn't like her when she's angry." Kai Winn was played by Louise Fletcher, who won an Academy Award in 1975 for her role as the tyrannical Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

Sadly, I don't think the writers had this in mind when they wrote this line.

They had a perfect opportunity to put her in the back of an ambulance without make-up in 'Far Beyond the Stars' and didn't.
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Fri, Nov 15, 2019, 6:24am (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S2: Cogenitor

Top Hat,

I believe Trip snuck the cogenitor on Enterprise.
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Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 1:18pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S2: Carbon Creek


No, T'Pol can't be T'Mir.

T'Pol said to Trip in 'Zero Hour': "I'm not old. I will only be sixty six years old on my next birthday."
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Thu, Oct 31, 2019, 6:07am (UTC -6)
Re: Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

"Because the needs of the one ...outweigh the needs of the many"

This movie never receives the credit it deserves IMO.
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Mon, Oct 28, 2019, 8:57am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S6: Sons and Daughters

Fri, Oct 25, 2019, 2:24am (UTC -5)

"And Dukat... well being a genocidal dictator of Bajor kind of qualifies for p.o.s status but he is portrayed as a good father. He sacrifices his career for Ziyal, often shows deep concern for her well being and basically hands the Federation victory when he refuses to look into her possible betrayal. He also loses his marbles after seeing her being killed. I would say that fatherhood is the only thing where he continuously shows his good side."

OK, enough....

Dukat was going to MURDER his daughter (only stopped because of Kira)... nothing more needs to be said.

Horrible father.
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Mon, Oct 28, 2019, 8:26am (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S7: All Good Things...

Welcome aboard 'Smells like tng spirit'!!

You'll find this is quite a chatty bunch and Jammer's reviews are always insightful. :-)
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Mon, Oct 28, 2019, 8:05am (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S3: Azati Prime

The Man
Sat, Jun 30, 2018, 12:35pm (UTC -5)

"It's funny that Yanks racism annoying, it's easy to glass over if It's not happening to you. And this "he's a bad actor" logic is stupid. Why hire him than if not to use him as a token black person and pretend that you care about diversity?"

Wow... I guess I missed this drivel...

Why hire Brooks?

While I was very impressed with Anthony when I got to meet him in 2010, he just not a strong enough actor to get written in very much. He was given a couple opportunities early and then the writers knew what they had. Now if he had come across with the popularity of say a Garak, or a Seska, or a Barklay then they would have had more to work with. But he was a "secondary main character" as it was - so...
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Wed, Oct 16, 2019, 3:11pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S7: Endgame

Very nice discussion all.

Steve Shives has a couple of interesting ideas here:
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Fri, Oct 11, 2019, 9:45am (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S2: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2

"The Trouble with Edward" is streaming now.

Not as meaningful, wonderful or special as Q&A but I doubt we will ever get anything rising to that standard again.

All good fun though.
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Thu, Oct 10, 2019, 8:12am (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S2: Second Season Recap

Thu, Oct 10, 2019, 7:03am (UTC -5)

Agree. I'd compare ENT season 2 to DS9 season 6.

Both are wildly inconsistent. Some really great classic trek accompanied by some of trek's worst.

@ Iceman
Fri, Jan 5, 2018, 5:44pm (UTC -5)

"@Yanks-Your highest rated DS9 season was Season 5. You've rated Enterprise Seasons 1 and 2, and Voyager Seasons 1 and 2 above it. I can't fathom putting any seasons of Voyager or Enterprise above DS9, but maybe that's just me."

Good lord. Sorry Iceman, I usually don't miss these.

It is very subjective so sure. I also think my grading curve may have changed a bit. I may not be as harsh or critical now. DS9 was my first real go at this review/grading thing.

I do really enjoy ENT and VOY. I don't hammer them as hard as some/most do.
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Tue, Oct 8, 2019, 11:17am (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S2: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2

@ OmicronThetaDeltaPhi

"There is nothing plausible in having huge empty spaces aboard a space ship. It's a silly design whose sole purpose is to wow the viewers with special effects without any consideration for in-universe practicality."

Don't agree here at all. How else are they supposed to work? .. are we beaming turbo-lifts from here to there now? We now have something workable, unlike before where it was all make-believe. It's not "all that much space either". There are junctions where one section of the ship meeting another, but other than that the "space" is just a little bigger than the turbo-lift itself.
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Tue, Oct 8, 2019, 5:24am (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S2: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2

Dave in MN
Mon, Oct 7, 2019, 7:29pm (UTC -5)

"Why is the turbolift a roller coaster instead of a vertical shaft?

What's the deal with all cavernous empty space in the ship?"

Discovery gave us a plausible turbo-lift design. There are "shafts" all over the inside of the hull.

"They really needed an expert rock climber to save them? How could they design their turbo-lifts this way and have no contingency to rescue people .... unless you consider using THE TRANSPORTER!!! Bad scripting!!!!"

They needed time for Spock and Una to be alone. ... you know, more time for Q&A.

"Why is Spock so emotional?!"

Didn't you watch "The Cage"?

"Yikes, this was .... not good."

This was the most enjoyable 15 minutes of Trek I've had in decades.

Jammer really needs to make a "Short Treks" grouping like "Enterprise", TNG, etc... I think there is going to be a bunch of these to talk about.
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Thu, Oct 3, 2019, 10:52am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S2: Paradise

Well played Tom, well played.
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Tue, Sep 24, 2019, 12:48pm (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S5: For the Uniform

Mon, Sep 23, 2019, 3:21pm (UTC -5)

"You know what's the biggest sin that this episode commits? It totally undermines the powerful story of Sisko's dilemma in "In the Pale Moonlight". That episode is a masterpiece of storytelling, but it just doesn't work with a guy-who-poisons-planets-to-feed-personal-vendettas as the main character."

Maybe ITPM doesn't deserve all the worshiping it gets then, eh?

I "worship" for different reasons than most. Sisko isn't "trying to live with himself" at the end, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing the entire time.

This is just more of the same.... Sisko being a bad ass to get the damn job done.
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Wed, Sep 18, 2019, 11:06am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S2: Tuvix

HAHA..... thanks.

I guess that sort of means that the crew in Star Fleet aren't considered property either?
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