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Thu, Aug 8, 2013, 7:35am (UTC -5)
Re: BSG S4: Daybreak, Part 2

OK, guys. Calm down. I'll try to answer your questions.

Thanks Paul, I appreciate the responses.


1) Why did they have to rescue Hera?

After the Colonials destroyed the Cylons' ability to resurrect, Hera held the key for their biological resurrection. So, the Colonials needed to keep her from Cavil. Meanwhile, Hera was also sort of a "blessed" child, whose existence was supposed to bridge the gap between man and machine in the "new beginning" and lead to a path where they wouldn't mutually destroy each other. A key line is at the very end by Head Six when she says "But it doesn't necessarily have to happen again."

I’m not buying the resurrection thing from the standpoint of Adama and the rescue. Cavil? ... sure - he thought he could find it in her. That’s why he stole her in the first place. Resurrection was “kept” in the “final five”, not Hera.


2. What was Starbuck?

Admittedly, this was the show's most annoying conclusion. Kara was essentially an angel sent to help guide humanity to Earth 2 (and the music she played to jump them to the new Earth was part of her blessed abilities). That said, there was a lot of buildup without a lot of payoff with Starbuck and quite a few logical gaffes. In my eyes, RDM just liked the character too much and overwrote her to the point where nothing could really live up to the buildup.

Something else not thought through. I didn’t realize angels came with space ships :-)


3. What were Head Six and Head Baltar?

I thought this was pretty obvious. They're angels that guided Baltar and Caprica Six. For me, this was one part of the finale that really worked.

Agree, but this does not answer the question about Baltar (prime?). What was he? I think he HAS to be a Cylon.


4. What was 'the plan'?

That all comes down to Cavil's anger toward his creators, the Final Five. Once the colonies were destroyed, Cavil wanted to make those people suffer -- basically, by not letting them die -- and tried to destroy the rest of humanity at the same time. His approach was kind of stupid. But it was a plan. After Cavil was discovered to be a Cylon on the Galactica, the plan part of the series ended.

So disappointing. A huge missed opportunity for the series to “say something” meaningful.


5. Why did all the colonials accept a technology-free lifestyle?

This was the dumbest part of the finale. There needed to be some acrimony, at the very least, among the 30,000 remaining Colonials about giving up technology and starting over. BSG at the end really started acting like the people on Galactica and Colonial One were the entire fleet. Frankly, I can imagine some of the Colonials being OK going back to the land. But certainly not all of them.



6. What about the Opera House?

The opera house was CIC. Maybe that's a lame conclusion, but that's what RDM did with it.

I don’t understand this at all. Even when Roslin, Boomer & Six (I think I have this right) were chasing her in the finale, they weren’t in CIC.

Not sure how CIC plays here at all.


Generally, you can argue that BSG bit off more than it could chew and either didn't answer some questions or didn't answer them adequately enough. "LOST" had the same problem, and deferred to the stupid explanation that "it's about the characters."

Of the two series, I'd say BSG did a better job of wrapping things up, because I thought the Head Six/Baltar thing worked and that the Hera thing worked. But I can understand why others disagree, certainly.

Wow, I haven’t watched Lost, maybe I shouldn’t. :-)

I realize that wrapping up any series is a difficult task and whatever you put out there some will complain.

I just think BSG got so wrapped up in the “characters” that it had no idea really what they were trying to say and just said “screw it” when the finale came around.

Couple thoughts.

Hera, being half human, obviously aged and died.

What about the skin job Cylons that dispersed? Chief? Ty? Ellen? Boomer (or Sharon)? Six & Baltar?

We are to assume that "Earth 2" was really our Earth, right? Moon and all?

Again, thanks for the discussion Paul.
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