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Wiliam B
Wed, May 25, 2016, 4:10pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S7: Extreme Measures

"When making a strategic assessment I can see why some viewers might feel that cornering the Founders only made them attack sooner and harder, and that this could have hurt the Federation, but based on how the story is told it seems evident to me that the intention was that the virus was the real linchpin in convincing the Founders to surrender, since it gave Odo a reason to go back to them and offer the cure as an olive branch from the Federation."

Surely if this was the case, then we must credit Bashir and O'Brien as being correct in curing Odo, since Section 31 seemed intent on letting him die rather than using him as a bargaining chip/overture. Unless Section 31 planned to let Bashir get the cure from Sloan. Given that the Federation was intent on Odo not curing the others (and it had seemed as if going to speak to the Founder directly was a spur-of-the-moment decision by Odo on the Defiant), at the very least Section 31 and the Federation's judgment must have been wrong in wanting to withhold the cure under all circumstances once the Founders were infected, whether or not it was good judgment or not to infect them in the first place. This is part of what I have a hard time understanding about that moment in WYLB; Odos overture to the Founder relies on convincing her that the solids are not as big a threat as she imagines, but he also presumably carries with him the information that the Federation infected the Founders, before the war started. Presumably within the Link Odo could either omit the information he did not want her to know or, more likely, was able to communicate his ambivalent-positive attitudes (the Federation may have infected us in self-defense but there are Federation solids who have helped me and given an offer of surrender they can be trusted). I like to think that Bashir and O'Brien's willingness to risk their lives to save Odo did help Odo make the case for solids and for the Federation's trustworthiness in not only not invading the Gamma Quadrant Dominion location but apparently in restraining Klingons and Romulans from doing so as well.
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