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Fri, Feb 8, 2019, 8:20am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: An Obol for Charon

Great episode; I really liked the universal translator drop out. Nice detail regarding the universal translator glitching a bit at start while explaining that away.
Then it does fail outright when they bump on that anomaly/organism.

In my opinion it was also great that it wasn't Burnham providing all the wisdom and solutions. The translator being fixed by Saru and he being able to speak all those languages is something that I could buy, knowing that Saru always had to be better then the rest as the only Kelpien proving himself in Starfleet (although, more then 60 languages? Do Kelpiens have a knack for languages?).

The number one at the start had a TOS vibe. Nice to see that she atleast orders some normal food like a cheeseburger :).
Not everything works in this episode; I thought Tig and Stamets had a nice dynamic, but Tig needs some more practice (so also screentime?). Tilly and that "May" Blob had a bit of an Alien vibe to me. Acceptable because the rest was quite good. It felt like a bit of exploration was done, and the characters could breath.

Some more positive points to me:
- Crew interacts; it starts with a bridge meeting.
- Main story was built op nicely and Saru evolved.
- Burnham evolved and had some genuine emotions
- Discovery did some discovering.
- The bigger picture; the search for Spock (wait a minute!) was not forgotten.
But the Episode worked as a stand alone. I never liked the resetswitch which was often pressed on TNG and VOY.

Other points:
- Sporedrive is it going to retire? (finally?).
- Stamets apologized quite quickly to "May" believing her outright.
- Are they going to kill of Saru?! No, but Discovery is so unpredictable I was afraid that they really where going to do that. They got me there (and that might be possible).
- Saru is going to change; not sure if I like that. But it allows Saru to evolve, and we are not just told in a few lines. We got a whole episode to explaint that.
- The first episode that Pike wasn't great but ok. I do still like his character.

So far I am hanging between 3 and 3.5 out of 4. I would give the first two episodes a 3 out of 4, the second 2 out of 4.
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Mon, Feb 5, 2018, 9:30am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: The War Without, The War Within


I didn't say that it didn't bother me anymore after one episode.
It can also be clealy seen om Mary her face in aftertrek :).
They got that continuity aspect right :D
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Mon, Feb 5, 2018, 9:21am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: The War Without, The War Within

-intersecting = interesting
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Mon, Feb 5, 2018, 9:19am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: The War Without, The War Within

@Karl Zimmerman,

It is very late indeed. I have to agree with you. I am hoping (and thinking) they will not do a reset.
Actually it feels a bit as we are or should be halfway through the 1st season. That could also mean that the focus of this series is skewed.

My wife made a very interesting remark; there was a drop from the sporedrive touching Tilly. In Aftertrek (which I like to see - even though its one big commercial.. - we should rate those!) one of the writers mentioned we need to wait for season 2 for an explanation/follow up.

This suggest that there is no (full?) reset; but still does not guarantee that the current character issues will be developed futher. The show (we?) deserve that.
It would imho "suck" the most if its given lip service.

Also now I've read though all comments. @Del_Duio.
I also notied that; as it bothered me at first, I think its a good idea not only to have "perfect" people on tv. So I made my peace with that.

On a generaI note; I found Tilly really annoying at the start of the series, now I don't. I hope she does retain some unexpected weirdness. I also think its hard to get into season 2 without a more character focus. We have bridge crew we know very little about (Detmer and Aiream are potentially intersecting) and the development done in this episode; provided they don't indeed dismiss it in the last episode.
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Mon, Feb 5, 2018, 8:12am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: The War Without, The War Within

Although I find it very interesting to read how others are analyzing, picking apart and (at times rightly so) criticizing this show; I decided to put my thoughts here without first reading through all the comments (I will do so after and the Jammer review too!).

What I did like:
- Actions seems to have consequences on a character level. For example; Stamets and Tyler, this is not done with a simple apology (and how could it). I almost expected Stamets to punch Tyler in the face.
Another example is Tyler vs Michael, will this ever be fixed?
Now the writers can really exploit the issues create there on a character level for the time being. Voyager was one the shows I liked; it was a shame that they didn't write on the tension and the struggle of integrating a Maquis and Starfleet crew.
This can be a disappointment (to me) if they don't develop the characters more.

- Ash walking in the canteen; must have been really awkward for him. I did had to think about Michael when she did that the first time. I decided that for the crew accepting him (instead the bar fight with Michael) was positive. Starfleet ideal; at the same time it seems Tyler has a very uncertain future and I don't expect him to be a Starfleet officer (albeit he will still have a role; specialist Tyler? :P).

- Something I always disliked in the past is that all Starfleet admirals have limited roles and always seems to be idiots. Almost like when you are promoted from Captain to Admiral (ok there must be ranks in between) one is transformed into a tool. Atleast she is not a throw away admiral; I am keen to see what her role will be.

- Georgiou in the captain seat? Did not expect that; I wonder what consequences this has for the crew and Starfleet morality. I also wonder if this is a blessing or a curse.

- Michael Burnham acting seems to have improved (or better then in some other episodes); can't really point out how or what.

- The ship doesn't seem so empty as that it did before. Almost like now Lorca is gone people dare to show up again or some sort of normal duty roster is restored? Or perhaps they realized this themselves.

- The new captain Georgiou with Saru can be very interesting; if I where Saru my threat gangia would be up always next to her (honestly, somehow usually the docters where played by the best actors imho - the actor playing Saru really sells it!). The empress played by the same actor feels like a whole other person, compliments.

- Klingon houses divided? Well I am not sure you can wage a war when you are not united anymore. Perhaps you could reason that the federation would have been conquered in 9 months if they would be organized.

- The reference to Jonathan Archer was nice; but I still don't get why the Klingons don't look like the Klingons from 100 years ago. I am probably a broken record stating that I don't like that. But I made my peace with it. I hope they do keep speaking English (Although in the past I always wondered why any alien would speak English - perfect universal translator aside).

For a discovery episode I would rank this 3.5 out of 4. Compared to some of the better episodes on earlier series I would say 3 out of 4.
Also; I think they need to have another season to really get in groove. Oh and this is just all my opinion and -I might change my views according to what happens more with discovery-.
They (the writers) did some poor things and some good things, sporadically (heh) great things. Thats no different then earlier Startrek series; it has to remain to be seen if doing this different then most other Startreks will help them or hurt them in the mid/long term.

As for some hoping they jumped vastly into the future; Well I would dig that, I am not sure if 150 years in the future would be closer to Picard or Janeway (need to check that) But that would really not help the klingon war story ball they need to pickup. So in that sense I think its a good idea they jumped back around that time. Jumping 150 years in the future will make Discovery influence on the klingon war moot and they just be an anomaly (which opens posibilities to other nice stories).
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