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Victor Good
Wed, Dec 12, 2018, 5:32pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S2: Peak Performance

so Many comments to scroll down thru just to get to the comments box and post my own 2 sense:
Episode was entertaining but the entire plot was contrived...
Why are they using an 80 yr old ship to train with? They should ne traing against Borg type ships and strategy as that is their clear and present threat as per Picard's own words in this episode. 2ND THE entire method of using laser optical hits and computers to simulate the battle seems to be used entirely for plot reasons - Enterprise takes a hit by the ferengi ship fusing their phasers into optic mode. Why all this work and use of the Hathaway when they have a perfectly good hokodeck to simulate the bridge of ANY ship - old federation vessel to another galaxy class ship so its a fair fight and solely about skill, ora Borg cube so the crew gets applicable combat practice. Holodecks are so under utilized except to film low budget, past period settings (Dickson hill, P.I) Sherlock Holmes, etc. Never do we see battle practice with ships and we know its possible- see episode RELICS where Scotty uses the holodeck to recreate the bridge of Enterprise A. Worf uses it ofte. to train his martial arts. Yet we never see it used for drills and fleet battle practice.
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