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Thu, Dec 20, 2018, 9:15pm (UTC -6)
Re: TOS S2: I, Mudd


I think that's what a lot of people are missing from this and the fact that those androids are not people, they are a hive mind. They have no sex but the one we choose for the bodies, even then, they lack reproductive and so on. So people viewing these things as anything other than things are already incorrect.

Secondly, yes, this is a pretty insightful episode. You have too look, listen, and understand what was going on. Kirk early on even said, why would anyone want to leave this paradise. Well, it inhibits humans and takes away anything to keep them from going forward. Someone above said that it would've been awesome for Bones and Scotty because they have advanced technology for them to experiment. My question to all of you is, why? You're held captive and everything you want is at your whim. There's really nothing to gain. So no, it's pretty bad.

To go on with that, Mudd is a scummy person. I wouldn't say he's borderline narcissistic and greedy. Even he wanted to leave. There was someone else above me that said he wanted to stay but his whole mission was to get out and have Kirk take his place. Mudd thrives on bamboozling and conning. I'm sure he gets a rush off of it and would become incredibly bored in his predicament if he were to stay. Obviously, with such a sexist guy, he's going to make attractive androids. It's a reflection of that character. Just to kind of repeat myself, they are robots.

It was also a fun episode. Watching them act out everything was great and entertaining. Androids don't understand emotions or acting really so it being really cheesy made it even better. They took a gamble and won. I would've done it if it were me and staying there. I'd rather be exploring space, ya know?

Anyways, it was a great episode regardless of what people thought this episode represented.

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