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Tue, Jun 24, 2014, 11:34pm (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S1: In the Hands of the Prophets

I don't understand the bajorans. Someone tell me what the bajorans mean when they say these "prophets" are gods? It's been stated on the show that they believe they are Gods. But It has been acknowledged that these entities in the wormhole can be killed with weapons and Kira has acknowledged this a couple times when the aliens were in danger. Also there was an episode where Kira was talking about the prophets and Worf says he prefers Klingon beliefs. Kira then says "I suppose your gods aren't as cryptic as ours." Worf proceeds to tell her that the Klingons killed their Gods a millennia ago. Kira says she doesn't understand Klingons. So it's not like on earth today where the major religions believe there is a single
god who created the universe. It's as though each planet has their own Gods or what they consider Gods. It's not like Kira believes the prophets created the Klingons. So I don't understand why bajorans worship these aliens when they know they can be killed and they didn't even know about linear time. Sisko had to explain that to them. The same linear time in which the bajorans live. This is one of my main problems with Sisko and DS9. I love the show but Picard would never have risked his sons life to let aliens play out a battle on the station. He really does buy into bajorans beliefs when he knows these are aliens. Just like any other alien in Star Trek who presented themselves as Gods to a primitive planet. Kirk and Picard have met a few of those races. Keiko should have pointed out to Winn that the prophets could be killed with some Torpedos or Chroniton particles.
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