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Fri, Mar 20, 2009, 8:32am (UTC -6)
Re: BSG S4: Daybreak, Part 1

One more thing too add building on some earlier points. Who cares if all our questions are not answered. Life is a series of mostly unanswered questions so why do we always assume that our television programs need spoon-feed us every bit. Yes, it's true that we dont watch TV to be kept guessing without a payoff but in the BSG context it works.

It is a very real possibility that Kara might never know who if her dad is/was the mystery Daniel. So what? It would work better for the story that the question went unanswered than to cram it into a sequence with only 2 hours left to go. If she never learns the truth, it works for the show, and it works for us because we can relate.

I just used the Kara/Danial as one example to illustrate my ultimate point which I'll get to shortly. When Ellen was revealed as the fifth cylon, people were disappointed and others were complacent. I thought, okay now we can move on. In all honesty, would anyone have felt better about the show if a principal character or an unknown was outed? Would anyone have felt worse? I doubt it. Does having an answer to these questions deepen our appreciation of battlestar galactica? No, I dont think it does.

Ultimately, thats the point. Galactica has become so rich with character, plot, mythology, and universe that at the end of the day, being given answers to every plot thread doesnt change the way we think about the show. If this were a poorer program, it might very well be the case. But the fact that the show is so strong on its own merits means that it can be excused for excluding information from both its characters and its audience without our appreciation diminishing in the slightest.
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Fri, Mar 20, 2009, 6:51am (UTC -6)
Re: BSG S4: Daybreak, Part 1

Jammer, I've been reading your reviews for a long time and I've never responded. I do so today only because this 1st act brought up so many emotions that, like you've mentioned, come from the depth these characters have been given over the past 6 years.

There were two in particular that you didnt mention in your review (because there was no real reason truthfully) but stood out powerfully to me.

The first was Doc Cottle's move to cross the line. Clearly, Roslin's moment was the core of the scene, but Cottle has been in many ways the heart of the Galactica (or one of them). A bit old, a bit used up, and a bit crusty but still dependable, honorable, and moral. Its small moments like those that will make me miss this program.

Second was Athena's response to the planned mission. She will likely come around tonight and play a key role but in some ways I hope she doesnt. Not because I dont like her, I do very much, but because her reaction to losing her daughter to the very real prospect of a madman who intends to dissect her may well be the most honest and accurate response of anyone in the episode. Helo showed us both his humanity (in reaching out to Tyrol) and his unending optimism (in his bittersweet excitment at the chance to rescue Hera). But Athena's insight that her daughter is likely chopped up, or soon to be chopped up might actually be the most logical despite the pain, horror, outrage, and cynicism brought on by Hera's loss.

BSG once again proves it has an understanding of humanity, its motives, and its responses that cuts deep to the core of who we are.

@Ryan - well done mate, it hadnt even occurred to me that Baltar's narcissism could be brought on by his more or less "isolation" from his world. It was not initially how I read that scence but your comment was truly thought provoking.
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