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Troy Gravitt
Fri, Nov 10, 2017, 7:42pm (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S1: Cupid's Dagger


Best Orville episode yet.

Listen folks, "The Orville" is NOT Star Trek. All it is (and what I believe it should strive to be) is a breezy, funny, and entertaining weekly action show which uses TNG as a template.

That isn't to say that it can't break it's own mold and become a fairly straight Rick Berman Star Trek clone someday, and a new character, new writer/producer, new idea might inspire the show to evolve into that direction, but so far I say this show works best when it doesn't take itself seriously.

Take last week's "Into the Fold", for example; a fairly straight Rick Berman Star Trek clone that is barely better than the worst episodes of Voyager or of Enterprise. This episode was at its best when it tried to be funny (the comic timing of the "glory hole" joke, Isaac's "vaporise" line) and at its worst when it tried to be anything else. After seeing this nadir in Brannon Braga's writing career I felt concerned for Orville's future.

And then "Cupid's Dagger" showed me what The Orville can be at its best; a breezy, funny, entertaining episode that uses TNG as a template so that we Trekkies can latch onto something which is familiar (the ready-room, the bridge, replicators, turbolifts, sickbay, grey spaceship, etc) and simply focus on the story without exposition needing to explain the tech or setting.

The Bortis/karoake scene; hilarious. The elevator scenes; irreverant. The entire episode's tone is just what it needed to be. Did you really want to watch an episode of the Orville simply dealing with peace negotiations? Deep Space Nine knew you didn't, that's why "The Storyteller" gave us the wrinkle of the teenage girl (and speaking of DS9, "Cupid's Dagger" is a better episode than "Fascination", I hope you agree).
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