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Mon, Sep 29, 2008, 8:44pm (UTC -5)
Re: BSG S4: Razor

"While the very knowledge of it informs our understanding of Cain's bitterness, that's really all it does. In every other way, it's meaningless"

I really felt it deserved more than 3stars... IMO and on the above point, I think there was lots more to that dynamic, than simply an explanation of being humiliated in an intimate way... I think it went much further into Ad. Cains character... I originally watched Pegausus, then Resurrection Ship and later Razor... but if after Razor you watch Pegasus + Resurection Ship again, something else is noted... Adama says she was an officer that Cain was faststreamed to the rank of Admiral... and Adama is, like his ship... a classic, someone to command respect for his service, even from admiralty... however these two lock horns, two strong leaders, with opposing philosophys on leadership... having never met before. To me I wonder if Cain had issues with men of power?? Her exchanges with Adama on Colonial One, almost seem to be without respect for Adama's years of service... I also note in contrast her warming towards Starbuck, even as far as to congratulate her striking Tigh, in the opening show... as a vailed attraction for another strong woman... and she goes on to promote her, to be in command of Adama's son... Yet Starbuck is the model of inserbordanation, as she claimed to Adama she took great exception to... So IMO that relationship had a huge significance to explaining Admiral Cains character and if it was written that way subtely, but intellegintly cast... Its a stroke of writers genius, that surely deserves its recognition???
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Tomás Foley
Sun, Jan 6, 2008, 9:14pm (UTC -5)
Re: Confessions of a Closet Trekkie

Im delighted to be the first person to write a comment on your article... It means it might get read and I'm one of those people that really deeply hope my words, thoughts might mean something to someone and so thats where your article so appeals to me, I feel Im reading like minded thoughts.

The closet Trekkie I thought was a myth, especially If that Closet Trekkie, has such a passion and interest in whats in the closet. I mean with all due respect, your dead right to say, such a passion, almost makes someone assume, its in the closet you have a collection of unopened star trek toys and neatly worshiped trekkie uniforms and perhaps even a klingon-english dictionary about the place, coming in handy of course, should you feel the need to get away with an under the breath insult that no-one would understand (It's how we Irish use our language!! lol) But of course you do a wonderful job to explain your stance and it means alot to hear that, to know that you can adore Star Trek without a need to be geeky about the whole thing... And I apply great respect to anyone who should have to endure such 'well intentioned' comments when ordering from a take away.. You clearly let the team down by not hiding your t-shirt so well.

This is my first time on your webpage, I wanted to find a place to review episodes and to read the thoughts of others, I find with amazement such a place, written by someone, who I hasten to say as its early days, shares my thoughts on Trek... So I go straight to mmy favourite series, by leaps and bounds, Deep Space Nine and then onto my favourite episode and a place where to me if your a reviewer of Star Trek you really face a reviewers challenge.. Especially in the light of what I believe to be so many Trekkies with idealistic and utopian expecatations of Roddenberrys gift to the world... So I look to "In The Pale Moonlight" and wow! Im feeling that you didnt try and walk a fence, keep them all happy, but answer the criticism and status quo with a real viewpoint so as to make sense of what is my favourite episodes of all time... (I left my comment there too) Then Im looking for my favourite film The Wrath of Khan... I was born in 1980, so I dont know is it our age that makes us appreciate Trek at its best?? Or our desire to get what 'I' as a person want from Star Trek? I hate Star Trek thats shallow and meaningless, Tom Paris running around in a black and white Holodeck comic book, when theres a vast space outside to be discovered full of drama and depth, or Data, turned into a comedy act in the movies, with "Mr Tricorder", in my opinion, a mockery of the quality of his character. But anyway thats my rant, theres some who love that stuff and I havent a clue why?? Each to their own I guess... But Id like to say I think your doing a brilliant job, Im as never before, thoroughly enjoying your thoughts and your webpage and offer my allegience... PS I would love to read (If Its not yet to be found?) Your personal perspective and thoughts of DS9?? Because the more I watch it the more I feel its simply outstanding and fits together so well. Masterpiece!! But as opposed to a review, id love to hear your reflections, if u did, id send ya a t-shirt in the post, only kiddin!!! Brilliant work an A+ well deserved id say!!! :) :)
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Tomás Foley
Sun, Jan 6, 2008, 6:54pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S6: In the Pale Moonlight

Im glad I found your website and its reviews... Im a huge fan of DS9 & the first review I read was this one... it has to be a really tough review to do & reading your words I think you have done a spellbounding job of representing the Trek based controversy that inevitably sorrounds such a plot, the outstanding storyline and its 'required' place at such a time in DS9's overall development, the guts it takes to write such a piece. I think to me, the fact that Sisko was at his best in terms of his acting, the passion, the body language, the anguish and confusion and claims of self-assurance in his mission to do what had to be done in his eyes, justifies this piece of drama in itself.

Its to me the best Star Trek DS9 episode, just gripping, clever & controvesiol... I hate seeing reviews that challenge this episode and its failing of Roddenberrys dream, because all things evolve & like you quoted so well "Virtue doesn't mean anything unless it's tested alongside vice."

Thanks for a brilliant review... any chance of another star though??? Go on be brave!!!
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