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Sun, Mar 31, 2019, 5:50am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S2: Perpetual Infinity

Only 2 episodes ago we had Burnham in tears next to Airiam while the clock was ticking. And in this episode we again have Burnham in tears separated by a force field from her mother while again the clock is ticking. This writing 'technique' is overused to a degree that it's next to impossible to take these situations serious anymore. It also doesn't do SMG any favors as she has to play the same emotions over and over again.
Comparatively, the small scenes between Michael and Spock felt like a breath of fresh air. Especially now that all the artificial tension between these 2 has been removed.

Now that you have reposted the reason why the Red Angel had to be captured, it struck me as odd how nobody actually thought it would be good to mention that to her. Cleary her travelling back in time is dangerous yet nobody thinks about warning her about it?

Thinking about it some more, her time travelling may actually be what set everything in motion. Without her opening micro-wormholes, Control would never had the possibility to go back in time to get to the sphere data and grow into a the threat it has become. The solution seems simple to me: Burnham's mother must travel back in time to the science lab and instead of using it to escape she must destroy the suit.

Also, what was with it her not knowing anything about the red signs? Even if she did not cause them, shouldn't she at least be aware of them like she seems to know all the details of everybody's lives? And again, nobody on Discovery actually finds this odd or worth discussing about? Or did they get a memo that needed to be held off until the next episode?

I also found it odd that when Burnham's mom wanted to talk to Pike, the first thing he did instead of beaming down was to gather everyone in his ready room to have a discussion about it. At that time, it was already clear that would be able to keep her there for a limited time. So there was no time to waste. This should have been 30 second scene on the bridge where Pike tells Michael that she can't come and that's the end of it.

Personally, I'm not deliberately looking out for things to nitpick. However, Discovery compared to previous Trek shows is very much driven by a season-long plot. And it does this to an extent where character building and allegorical storytelling have taken a backseat. So that's why the plot automatically also comes under more scrutiny.
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Sat, Mar 9, 2019, 8:29am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S2: If Memory Serves


"I'm aware of that, but I can't find any point where the Spore Drive was even mentioned after its initial use. I could be wrong (being an imperfect human being!), but I am happy to be corrected if you can point me to the minute mark where they attempted to use it again."

Did you miss that they were going to use the spore drive to get to Talos IV? But couldn't only because it was sabotaged? After that, Ash is confronted with this codes being used for the secret transmissions and confined to this quarters. Then Pike comes up with the plan to set course for Starbase 11. It's around the 40 minute mark.
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Sat, Feb 23, 2019, 12:03pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S2: The Sound of Thunder

If I remember correctly, Jammer reviewed TNG after the series had already aired, while DS9, VOY and DSC are being reviewed while the show airs.
Reviewing episodes of a show you have already seen and where you know how it will all play out, will probably influence your review and ratings somewhat.
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Sun, Feb 17, 2019, 6:22am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S2: Saints of Imperfection

Depite being structured and paced somewhat better than previous episodes, this one just didn't work for me.
BEEF (Copyright: Jammer) was back in full swing. The voice overs at the beginning and end fell completely flat. The emo scenes at a time when the ship was in danger sucked all tension out of the episode. And the way they brought back Culber was totally unbelievable. Instead of trying to explain everything what's happening with technobabble, I think it would be much more refreshing if this show would just sometimes have the characters say that they don't know why x or y is happening. You're dealing with space and "the unknown" after all. The show should stop trying to come up with explanations for things that are ludicrous to begin with.

And if Culber's return was really planned like this from last season, I wonder what the writers have tried to accomplish with this story line. It all strikes me as pointless. He died, now he's back. Would it have made a big difference if he had never died? If his death had impacted Stamets in a major way, I would understand it. But aside from a few mourning scenes, it's a all wasted.

Discovery also continues its trend of hitting us with "Surprise!" moments as a way of advancing its stories. This is getting really tiresome. It starts with Georgiou being in Spock's shuttle. So she was also looking for Spock but why was she still in his shuttle after it was clear he wasn't there? Just dump the shuttle and go back to your own Section 31 ship. And where was she even flying to?

Nothing on this show progresses naturally. Things happen because the writers want to move from point a to point b. Like how Cornwel all of a sudden shows up on the S31 ship. Was she always there? Was she nearby on her own ship? A theory was posted on another site that Cornwell was actually Georgiou in disguise, which would be totally in line with how Discovery as a show operates. Still, even if that's the case, it should still be believable for everybody else on Discovery and the S31 ship that she arrived via a ship or through some other fashion. Why didn't she just use the holographic communicator?

Cornwel is also a reminder of what a small universe this has become. Doesn't Starfleet have any other admirals? And the best/only available S31 representatives just happen to be Georgiou and Tyler? Really? And on top of that Leland and Pike also know each other. For me the story lines of Georgiou and Tyler ran their course last year. Shoehorning them into this year's stories just doesn't work.

Last random thought: how come Cornwell has authority over Leland and S31? Isn't S31 supposed to be independent from "regular" Starfleet?
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Sun, Feb 3, 2019, 3:32pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S2: Point of Light

I had a lot of problems with this episode. My overall problem with this show is that it's written like a soap opera. It simply jumps from one revelation to the next 'chocking' moment: Amanda stoles files, Pike decrypts classified information, Spock allegedly killed people, Tilly drops out of her training program, Voq and L’Rell have a baby, L'Rell has to give up her baby, Section 31 is interfering with Klingon affairs, and on on it goes.

While there are a few quiet scenes here and there, not a single story or character is given the time to develop. Which is ironic since this is supposed to be a more serialized series. But the error Discovery makes is that it tries to introduce and resolve some subplots like the Klingon story in a single 45 min episode. If Discovery were written more like GoT, this opposition against L'Rell is something
that would have grown slightly episode after episode until it reaches a boiling point and where it has to be resolved in an episode where it can be given the main focus. But here the problem was introduces and solved in 1 subplot out of 4 in a single episode.

It also misses opportunities by going for the "cool" factor such as with Section 31. If this had been a TOS or TNG episode, it would have been our heroes who have had to make the decision on whether to intervene in Klingon affairs or not. This could have given our characters an interesting moral dilemma: do we or don't we. If we don't, we risk the empire falling apart and a return of the war. And if they do (we are pre-TOS after all), their decision might backfire on them later in the season. It would give an opportunity to shape our characters, even let them make mistakes. It could provide debate over what is also a current hot topic of debate with the withdrawal of the US forces out of Afghanistan.
But no, all we get is Section 31 sweeping in with a mirror universe character, no questions asked.

L’Rell has to give up her baby. And this is not given a single moment of time. How are supposed to care for these characters if such pivotal moments are omitted in favor of showing decapitated heads which (again: surprise!) were not real.

There's a lot of potential in Discovery, but this show appears to be missing a show runner to guide the show and scripts in a proper direction, not unlike how Michael Piller had to come in during TNG's 3rd season to give that show its own voice.
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