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Fri, Jul 5, 2019, 8:07pm (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S5: The Ship

This episode would have been so much better if the Jem Hadar captured the crew on the roundabout and the Vorta tried to use them as a bargaining chip. Sisko doesn't trust them but at least the pretense of the negotiations could exist. Then the founder dies and Jem Hadar blows up their ship or something with the roundabout crew still aboard. Because as the episode stands Sisko did literally nothing wrong. Why would he trust the word of person who ordered the destruction of his ship and crew and then tried to gun him down? Why would he feel responsible for their deaths if his decisions didn't impact events in any way? I understand you can't help feel responsible for deaths under you command but that ending part with Dax was so hamfisted considering.

The thing with Worf, they should have went with "put him out of his misery" angle or something. Because that was so stupid. Why does Worf care about a human's honor? It's not like he doesn't understand humans by this point. Was the point that things where so intense that Worf couldn't keep his cool? Isn't Worf supposed to be a badass? Why can't Worf keep his cool and show some character development as an CO? It would be nice change of pace if he was the one who kept the rest of crew on point for once. But no, he's Worf, destined to fuck up every other episode.
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