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Mon, Nov 10, 2014, 11:27pm (UTC -6)
Re: Interstellar

As others have already pointed out the visuals of "Interstellar" are stunning. Also, the action scenes are enthralling and the movie is well-paced (although maybe somewhat long).

However, the story is borderline ridiculous. Yes, Mr Nolan, some people care about a story that actually holds up after all the CGI-smoke settles. 21 points have been discussed elsewhere, see

You want some additional loopholes? ---SPOILER ALERT---
1) How is it plausible that the data from the ice-planet (according to Mann "breathable atmosphere on the surface of the ice-planet where ammonia liquifies") appears to be more promising than the data from the other planet that looks like somewhere in Colorado? The data was forged granted, but Mann could manipulate things only so much - otherwise they would know something is wrong as soon as they entered orbit. 2) They knew about the time differential on the water planet, but then conveniently "forgot" about it when interpreting the existence of a signal from that planet (which apparently had to timestamp and was still decipherable despite the huge shift in frequency) 3) I also find it hard to believe that understanding quantum-gravity would result in an immediate practical application (in particular would allow them to lift people off Earth) - I would think if people can do that, then they ought to be able to cure blight and design crop that can withstand sandstorms.

Overall, a missed opportunity I am afraid. 2 - 2 1/2 stars.
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