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The Judge
Thu, Jun 15, 2017, 3:53pm (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S5: Let He Who Is Without Sin...

A potential good idea very badly acted and very badly developed. I quote the review, word by word.

So, is Worf a terrorist also? This sabotage

On the Enterprise Worf was a complex and fascinating man. A righteous man.
On DS9 he turned into a bi-polar dick. Worf brawling for nothing, Worf throwing out Morn because "that's my seat and I fall in love with Grilka, so am a crazy yelling Klingon", Worf throwing out Quark (as referred by Quark so, a little doubt) for an issue of beverages, Worf becoming a war criminal puppet (huh, yes, I assumed that "for the uniform" is a bad in-joke and a fake episode), Worf brawling with O'Brien and Bashit at Quark's Bar (because authors need somebody being a dick), Worf being a bi-polar dick searching for browls in almost any episode.

Sincerely, my impression after this depictions of Worf is... Is that WORF IS A WILD/MAD DOG GOING ABSOLUTELY OUT OF CONTROL DUE TO THE LACK OF HIS TAMER: PICARD.

Let's replicate a whip and a chair to Sisko :-D
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The Judge
Wed, Jun 14, 2017, 10:07pm (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S5: For the Uniform

Just a word for this episode: WMD
Anything else to add to "Sisko is a bioterrorist searching for revenge regardless of thousands of CIVILIANS" and "his crew is a load of crap(py) and fanatic PUPPETS, only ABLE TO PUSH A BUTTON and RELEASE THE POISON"? Puppets executing oders without inserting brain is the greatest BLASPHEMY in Trek world and a leit-motiv in Nuremberg Trials. Oh, yes, we are sure that all civilians were evaquated, we believe to this YATI but... Is Sisko morally able to take the RISK OF A GENOCIDE for a partial bluff? WOW!

Where is a LILY SLOANE shouting "BULLSHIT! ... Where were your evolved sensibilities then?" to a Starfleet's captain when we need her?

I subscribe any word of Captain Olli and Cade and, as said Verdeta "I assure you, Gene Roddenberry turned over in his grave."

The worst crime of this episode is that only 5 fuckin' mins can erase the most intense Trek series, all his carachters, the Federation, the Milky Way. Once upon a time, Ripley decided to nuke the LW-426 and Vasquez supported her: the "aliens" were a sort of 8472 but... I liked to think that this approach was absolutely out of Trek canon. Until I saw a Starfleet captain release a WMD on a planet populated by civilians, and no one saying a FUCKING WORD. Oh, yes, the final Sisko-Jadzia dialogue is the most DISGUSTING thing I've ever seen on ST.
*DAX: Rotflmao, we poisoned dat silly planet. Have u noticed it to the Starfleet?
*SISKO: I give a shit of the Starfleet, cuz am loyal to the Starfleet. And, mainly... I WON DA MATCH! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
*DAX. Lol, who cares! You're right! Mwahahahahahahahahah!
Yes, they were victims on Solosos III: Sisko, Dax, Kira, Worf and Nog... No repentance, no doubts.... Nothing.... Are we sure that this wasn't the Mirror Universe's Sisko? Anyway R.I.P. Worf, you dishonored yourself: Fek'lhr and the Gre'thor is waiting for you.
Just a word for this episode: WMD



It's a gigantic BUT...
We all know that ST episodes have controversies also. It's to encourage debate, doubts, and to avoid to depict a "utopia of perfect and boring always-right super-perfect-humans"... It's ok. Sometimes captains should be a dick, but should they be a Javert/Ahab/Mass Murdereres? We all know that, as Adam and Eve lost their innocence with the SNAKE, Star Trek lost its "virginity" with the COBRAS (Cardassians... take a look to their symbol). Nothing was so "straightforward" after Cardassian. Nothing. To be a Trekkie became harder: more than utopian dreamers, trekkies look like lawyers, facing YATIs, controversies, captains doing weird things... Oh My Prophets! On Voyager it became a 24-hours long work! Gimme latinum, Kathryn!

So... the gigantic BUT. We are accustomed to the authors who blink their eyes to us, who poke us, who bother us, who create silly FANSERVICE for us. Worf (not) speaking about Klingon's crest in "Tribble and tribble-ations" is no longer no less than a joke. Genial, but a titanic YATI and a joke. A nonsense to serve the fans.

And... if the end of THIS EPISODE WAS A POKE, A HUGE PUNCH TO US? A WAY TO TEST OUR REACTION? Is our critical sense ON? Or we eat the shit and call it chocolate only because they said "it's chocolate"?
After disgust, my doubts started reading a comment above. It invite us to reflect to the meaning of that starship's name "MALINCHE". A Federal starship wearing a name that, in Latin America, is the ANTONOMASIA OF BETRAYER.
SO? Is this episode real? Is it a bad joke? I think it is a test. Is Sisko and his crew a bunch of cynical puppets and potential mass-murderers? Are the BASIC principles of the Federation a joke? Is the Federation a joke populated my billions of malinches? No court-martial?
Why the fuckin' hell PETER ALLAN FIELDS destroyed his work and condemned all of his carachters into this mass of WAR CRIMINALS?

I'm bored to be a lawyer for ST, this time I wannabe the judge. The only thing that can save Fields, the author of DUET (the author of DUET, the most intense and best episode ever -IMHO- into Trek universe), is that HE WANTED TO TRIGGER OUR STRONG REACTIONS. This episode is a FAKE, is a test for us. "Duet" was a punch, "For The Uniform" is a direct punch on our faces. To see our reaction. Our VIOLENT REACTION to this PROFANITY AGAINST RODDENBERRY.
He was brave to use a fake episode to poke us, inserting it in the DS9 story. Really brave... Who else can ruin his work breaking the fourth wall in a so bad way, just to yell to us "Hey, are you still awake?". He had reactions, tons.
I read on the net. People saying that Fields pissed on Roddenberry's grave and deserved decapitation with a rusty batleth, people yelling unrepeatable things, other people angry as a rhino etc... So, it seems that he did the right thing and was really brave (and a bit fool): yes, we are awake: chocolate is chocolate, shit is shit, ans Sisko can't be a cynical mass murderer. Or in the contrary, Captain Braxton can restore the timeline.
To the end, Eddington was captured (as shown in "Blaze of Glory"), but we will never know how. Because I REFUSE to believe that what happended in the end of this episode was real.

Dear Mr. PETER ALLAN FIELDS, I hope a day you'll read this. I think you were really brave to poke us using a canon episode. You left some clues, somebody was able to rescue 'em (the USS Malinche, genial!). I understood. You would to test our WILD reactions to this prophanity and you had. Now, 20 years after, you can reveal your TRICK. I can't believe that an author that conceived that dramatic masterpiece (DUET), can be so psycho to conceive an idiotic blockbuster action movie. You tested us, congratulations. Genial joke. I can continue to watch DS9, without seeing the "genocide mark" in Sisko's (and his crew's) skins, only considering that this was a in-joke. Outside the canon.

As I said, this time I wanna play the judge. So, this is the ONLY EXPLANATION that makes sense to this episode to exist. I hope you'll confirm it.

Otherwise, you are condemned to be, along with all your crew, the people who betrayed Roddenberry's HOPE. Hope. You ruined a whole work in 5 mins... But I won't to think so.

And that's all about this FAKE episode.
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