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TJ Wilferd
Thu, Jun 18, 2020, 10:32pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S3: North Star

With it being the middle of June 2020, in this insane situation right now where racial tensions are so bad after the George Floyd death that was followed by protests and riots that are still happening right now, it was interesting to get to this episode recently while watching the Enterprise series with my kids.

I haven't seen anyone mention anything about the message I saw in this episode. Maybe most people didn't get the same thing from it, or maybe I misread the intentions of it.
An alien race made slaves of humans, but the humans later gained freedom. Instead of living peacefully with each other, the race that had humans as slaves is heavily oppressed and generally hated, even a couple of hundred years after the slavery thing ended. Though in the end the sheriff decided laws and rules needed to change, it would take time and would be difficult to let the old hate go.

Here we are now, in a climate where despite all the efforts and success America has had with civil rights movements and racial equality progress, the media makes sure anything they can present as evil whites hunting, killing, and oppressing blacks, is presented that way. Important real statistics people really need to be aware of are ignored so a racism narrative can be pushed for political reasons at the cost of dividing the country even more. I was shocked to see so many people fall into supporting the protests and riots, but hate from the past has always been an easy tool to manipulate people with all over the world.

This episode used extreme yet also simplified examples of the negative impact of being unable to leave past transgressions in the past to move forward, working together in peace.
I thought the episode was just okay, but I liked the message about getting past old racial hate.
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