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Steven W.
Fri, Oct 13, 2017, 7:15pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S1: Time and Again

>> If time travel is so easy why not go back and: [...]

The only reproducable, easy-to-use method for time travel that I can remember is indeed the one from TOS (can be seen in a TOS episode, and later in a movie), where they simply fly around the sun. Let's just label this one as a funny idea of the 1960s, when the Star Trek universe wasn't fully developed yet.

When Kira travels back, it only works because the Prophets grant her wish to time-travel. Which they probably won't do for everyone.

What I find a bit difficult to explain though is how the Borg obviously have time-travel technology (the sphere in the 8th movie, and also shown several times on voyager), because such a tech would make the Borg absolutely invincible. They could send themselves messages everytime when they lose a battle, with tactical information about the loss and how to avoid it, and re-try every assault until they get it perfect. It was one of the biggest mistakes surrounding the Borg in "Voyager" to show them having this tech.

I always felt that it makes the "Endgame" finale of Voyager kind of ridiculous, if you consider that in this two-parter the Borg receive a great amount of damage (transwarp hub destroyed or something like that). Why don't the Borg use their time-travel technology to prevent the thing from happening in the first place? So Future-Janeway can travel back in time to bring Voyager home, but the Borg can't simply do the same to undo the whole thing? Yes, giving Borg time travel tech = bad idea.
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