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Wed, May 23, 2018, 4:03pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S6: Lessons

Can fully understand that. I just did not get the chance to get into
TOS in due time, first time i watched it must be like >2000.

And sorry...i dont mind old if my favourite movies is
"12 angry men" but i just cant stand old TOS+TOS movies.

And it was not the thing in Germany that it was in the US.
So i simply find it cheap. Not much more to say...i tried to
watch TOS but i cant bring myself to like it.

I did not say anything about Nimoys depiction that is not true!
I think most of the Star Trek Actors did a great and underrated job.
Science fiction has a hard time attracting good
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Wed, May 23, 2018, 2:56pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S6: Lessons

Hi, Peter G.

(this is getting long....)
Most of this i can sign without a second thought.

Some things i would like to point out:

The Voyager cast for example, those where hit or miss.
Some of them made the most memorable Star Trek
portrayals. Tuvok as you said is one of my favourites too.
Tbh i think him the best Vulcan ever but i have to admit i never
watched TOS....i just cant stand is too cheesy....too bad
production values even if i tell myself it is old.
(And from the bits i have seen from TOS i am not a Spock fan either.....)
I mean he (Spock) defined what a Vulcan has to be (from what he got from the writers) this is unfair from the start.

Everyone else had the chance to build of what he did.....but born to late to love Spock sry....just can't get into TOS. I feel deeply ashamed. :)

I really would like to elaborate on Tuvok but i think it is suffice to say that i
would have made him main baddy in "Starship Mine".

May have prevented him from playing Tuvok later, so maybe the writers made the right choice. :) Tim Russ really is a great addition to the ST Universe.

Doc really confirms your Theory, he definetly made main (and i mean main....sry restofcast) because of his Performance. Just the same as Picard, just having an Episode with him as the main character makes for a great watch. And i also
heard he is a great guy at Conventions. :) Can not say much of that from Germany but i always liked those people who do not despise their
career-making Characters.....just think of yourself....despise the company
that helped you get succesful...thats not good manners...that is unprofessional.

Stop on that, new topic. :)

It is true, that most people (me included), have a totally distorted view at how those series are produced. On rewatches i always try to take it in as an objective
observer but that often fails. It is very intriguing to hear those things about the cast battling for Screentime and importance. I can very well imagine that.

Your Garak comparison is really a great example. That Character really made me like him over a couple seasons. But i think this would have been possible with
some of TNG's characters as well...sometimes they just don't get something
to work with.

Tasha, never liked her...never missed her, never was thrilled by her
reappearance. Hard to blame that on anyone...there is just nothing to
talk about.....maybe just the writers never gave her something to shine.

Nice discussion by the way, not used to such polite disagreements on the
internet. :-)
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Wed, May 23, 2018, 1:25pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S6: Lessons

@Peter G.

Not arguing, but i think bringing her back due to "fan appeals" is somewhat telling.

I am really no Crusher supporter, i just found the mention of the actress of Nella Daren, being a better looking Crusher, not fair.

First of all it is subjective, second it is not the broad opinion, yes Crusher is no
fan favorit, but i think that is not the Actress fault. defending but i am
generally not comfortable with calling out other peoples looks.
Beverly Crusher on the TNG Run was annoying, bad written, but in no way unattractive. As i said i too found her cold and a little to much "to-business" but that is the Character not the Person playing it.

(But....if you ask me personally....i am also smitten by the Nella Daren Actress.
Maybe cause i love Dark hair but she is such a great Person to Partner Picard.)

On this board, i really often have a hard time telling apart peoples opinion
of an Actor to that of an Character. Sometimes it is specified but most often
it goes without mention who is being meant. (Character or Actor)

But, that is Star Trek and this is why we love it. Sink right in and forget.
I often take the stance of some Character as well and i think this is what
makes a great series.

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Wed, May 23, 2018, 10:09am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S6: Lessons


Yes, you are right, there was never a real chance for that given TNG's format but
i really would have liked to see it happen. The outlook of having Picard
deal with this for a few Episodes would have been great, but as i knew the series
beforehand i knew it would not happen. Just would have liked it.

I have to disagree a bit on the Crusher thing, most of the time i liked the
subdued tension there. It was there in "Attached" and that was one of the
2 things that Episode got right. Also i find both good looking. McFadden is a bit
cold, but maybe thats her giving her that much.

Anyway it is true there was never a chance for this to go forth.
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Wed, May 23, 2018, 8:42am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S6: Lessons

I have to add one thing* wich i really caught for the first time now.

I first watched all of this as a Teenager, not every Episode in order, but over the
years on reruns i think i got all Episodes at least once.

Then some years ago i bought the whole 7 Season Set.
Then a friend gifted me the Set with the 2-Part Episodes....
I'm thankfull of it anyway but it was a bit superflous. :)

To topic:

*The scene where Picard puts his Flute away after thinking Cmd. Darren (Nella)
is dead. Again it is Patrick Stewarts ability to convey emotions wich sells the scene.*

Wow.....this really touched me.

This Episode always makes me a little is lifting your spirit all the time
and then you are faced with a hard but necessary reality.
(i too doubt the necessitiy of this...i think for the last 1,5 seasons
they could/should have taken the brave step of including her to the cast.)

I can't stop to praise Stewart in this Episode, there are some Episodes i
watch only for him.

This is a lost opportunity for a really fullfilling relationship for both of them,
but they are both taking something with them, wich will be there for all
their life. And this is the great thing about that Episode.

It shows you that even a relationship you really were invested in(love?),
but wich didn't come to pass, can give you something good wich you take
with you for life.

I like that one!
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Wed, May 23, 2018, 7:53am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S6: Lessons

Great Episode.

I always liked that one, i like Patrick Stewart in the role and as Troi
said it, it was very pleasing to see him truly happy.

I also really liked Riker here. I thought he handled the whole Situation
very professional. Also a good Performance by Frakes.

The Scene with Picard finger-fencing with him was great! The look on his face.

What to say about Nella and the Romance......hmmm....great chemistry,
good acting, one of the best scenes in all of TNG (Jeffereys Tube scene)

No complaints there...would have been a clear 4Star Episode for me but
that is my personal view and in now way meant as critique to the review.

Have to add that this website really enhances my experience on rewatches,
great work even if there are some reviews where i have to object but thats
the point of a review. It`s always personal. Yes if someone does this
often then there should be continuity.

But ask yourself guys. This reviews are often years old.
If you had rated those years ago?
Would the rating be the same as you gave today?

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Thu, May 17, 2018, 8:08am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S3: The Defector

Watching this again in 2018 and this one has aged really well.

What suprised me the most though was my Reaction to Worfs recommendation
to force the ship to withdraw.

It's totally in Character for him but somehow i found it hillarious
how everyone else was trying to find out what was it about
that little scout ship in the neutral zone, but not our Klingon.

"Let's tell them to go away!" No matter who they are or what they want.
We are fine at the moment, why bother with anything!

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