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Spock Jr
Tue, Dec 15, 2015, 3:48pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Fury

what a poorly written episode. so many layers, it apparently got too complex for them to resolve logically so they instead tried to conceal the mess with action scenes. in the end, a disgraceful final product.

my primary issues:

- how did Tuvok foresee the future events that eventually led to their overcoming Kes' traitorous action?

- why is this the first we hear about a biological weapon against the videans?

- what happens to the crew that continues in the timeline when Torres is murdered?

- why didn't Kes just kill Janeway?

- why didn't Kes just go back in time to before leaving Ocampa?

- why didn't Kes blame Neelix for taking her from her home?

this episode could have been a great way to use the very real drama concerning loss of brain function relating to aging. but short of the grey hair and wrinkles, there's really no direct mention of it. this leaves the opening sequence as nothing more than a fit of rage from a menopausal Kes. so lame.

they should have left out the videans, and focused on rebuilding the bond between Kes and Janeway as well as Neelix. There's plenty of real drama available from the tragedy of dementia. And they could have found a way to restore our faith in the character, as well as the integrity of the primary timeline. And explained that extra weight on Kes that only Neelix noticed as she beamed out to who knows where.

lots of potential, can't believe they let this get on the air. i definitely would have done better myself.
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