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Thu, Apr 30, 2015, 7:58pm (UTC -6)
Re: BSG S2: Pegasus

This 2 parter (or 3 parter) is definitely indebted to Voyager's Equinox 2 parter.
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Sat, Apr 18, 2015, 10:50pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S1: Fortunate Son

Michael said: "We never went on an expansionist spree all over the world, we never sought to forcibly convert anyone to our values or beliefs"

Seriously? Take 1900 to 2014. You have the massacres committed against the Indonesian independent movements (over half a million civilian deaths). From 1903-1936, Panama, Haiti and Nicaragua became bloody, defacto US Colonial holdings, whilst the US began supporting the White Rebels and the Tsars/aristocracy during the Russian Civil War. In the 1940s, right-wing dictators were backed in the Philippines, Peru, Ukraine, Syria (Colonel Al-Zaim's dictatorship), Albania, South Korea, and Italy (the CIA bought every Italian election from 1948-76), with local democratic elections subverted and "non compliant" politicians/movements murdered. President Lyndon Johnson's "F**k your parliament and your constitution", uttered to Greek ambassadors epitomizes US policy during this period. The West then couped Greece in 1949, 1967 and 1973, with US backed dictatorships running for decades. Our arming and backing of the Kai-Shek family in China would lead to some 18 million deaths. Then we couped Iran in the 1950s, and then Guatemala, Albania, Poland, Lebanon, Jordan, Guyana, Hungary, Oman, Portugal, Haiti, Taiwan, Cuba (the CIA overthrows Socorras and puts in place Batista), Costa Rica, Jamaica, Bolivia, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. In Pakistan, we armed and funded General Yahya and his genocide. In 1971 the US put the genocidal Idi Amin in power of Uganda (he stayed at the white house while we sweet talked him). In Puerto Rico, independence movements were violently crushed. From 1950 to 75, the US supported fascist dictators in Spain. In Laos, one coup a year was instigated by the US almost 2 decades. Similar coups were spearheaded in Brazil, Honduras, Fiji, Congo, Columbia, the Balkans, Romania, Liberia, Turkey, Dominican Reublic, Uruguay, Bolivia and Indonesia...all with bloody fallouts. In Vietnam, the 1952 Saigon bombings were faked and blamed on "terrorist communists" to justify US intervention. About 5 million south east Asians would die in that "conflict", 40,000 to the CIA's assassination programme, Phoenix. Meanwhile, the US supported dictators in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, installs dictator Kamuza Banda in Malawi and starts copious coups in Ghana.

In 1970 the CIA installs a puppet in Cambodia (the US also sponsor Pol Potists with 89 million dollars). Presidents in Bolivia and Chile are overthrown and replaced with dictators around the same time. From 1962 onwards, the US sponsors pro apartheid movements in South Africa, and engages in proxy wars in Angola, Lesotho, Chad, Surinam, Mozambique, Seychelles, Namibia, Kenya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ethiopia and many more African countries. In 1975, the CIA and Britain overthrow the left leaning government of Australia, whilst backing brutal dictators in Angola. In the late 1970s, they arm psychos in Afghanistan, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and Iran, and back Indonesia's invasion of and massacres in East Timor. In the 70s and 80s it also spoonfed the Contras in Nicaragua. Grenada was invaded for similar reasons whilst Operation Condor removed the last vestiges of left leaning movements in Latin America. Actions against Panama, Bosnia, Venezuela, Croatia, Yugoslavia (Serbia/Kosovo) and Libya follow, then Iraq, home of CIA asset Saddam Hussein. Then came Ukraine (a billion dollar coup in collaboration with neo Nazi groups - Right Sector and Svoboda) and Syria. Not to mention that various global bodies (WB, BIS, IMF) which the West uses to exert its will upon smaller nations.

And of course the old British Empire (itself more a collection of mega-corporations sanctioned by the Crown) behaved exactly as the contemporary "West" behaves today. People simply have a cartoonish view of how "looting" and "meddling" took place in the 1700s-1800s.
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Sat, Apr 18, 2015, 10:28pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S1: Fortunate Son

"All I see amid your bloviations are idle hypotheses. If X hadn't done this, if Y hadn't done that, if Z had done the other, A would have happened, B would have happened differently, C would not have happened at all, yadda-yadda-yadda."

What a stupid thing to say. Yes, if the West didn't support the Iraqi monarchy, coup Iraq, destroy Iraq's first elections, put Saddam in power and arm and finance Saddam in a ten year war against Iran because the West's puppet in Iran was ousted, Iraq would be a better place. Anyone who says otherwise is deeply uninformed. Iraq would have progressed like Turkey or a better version of Egypt (itself a country messed up by the West's incessant attacks on Nasser), and would be several generations away from major religious reforms and civil rights movements. Now they're too busy dodging bombs.

Or look at Afghanistan; it was the most secular middle eastern country in the 1960s, with more women in political office than the then contemporary United States, and better women's rights than most Mid East countries too. To be a right-wing muslim nutcase in Afghanistan was to be ridiculed. It was a way of life and thinking that was dead, until the CIA started arming and financing nutjobs and promising them political powers, which they eventually got.

"I'd infinitely rather have the West running the world than someone like Russia, China, Iran, Brazil, etc."

What a stupid and false binary: "We can behave like colonialists because if we don't behave like colonialists someone else will behave like colonialists!"

"As far as the Islamic State, it originated in Syria (where, (in)famously, there was ZERO U.S. involvement)."

Nonsense. The US has been "involved" in Syria since the 1950s. "We've" been funding and arming what became "Isis" in Syria for the last 8 years. Since the 1960s, it has been US policy to Balkanise the Middle East.

"America, for all its faults, has been by far the most benevolent and altruistic superpower ever seen in recorded history."

Only a psychotic would think this. Almost 800 unconscionable wars by the US since 1775 - three and a half times a year to preserve the American Way of life - and coups in over 80 percent of the countries on the planet, all across Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Mid East, the West Indies and even First World nations like Australia and Greece; over fifty million deaths since the 1980s alone, either overtly thanks to US wars, embargoes, puppets and militias, or covertly via economic policies.

"The sub-animals slicing off innocent people's heads by the thousand, kidnapping/raping/enslaving girls as young as eight by the thousand, stoning people, throwing people off tower blocks, etc., etc., etc"

Gee, if only "they" had stable governments with laws against these things. I wonder why they dont...

It's like complaining about the state of Somalia and Ethiopia whilst ignoring that you're funding dictators there and arming them to invade each other. Anything to keep the oil cheap!

"No. The answer is found in their ideology. You obviously don't know s**t about the history of Islam."

Islam is a magical ideology which forces all muslims to suddenly transform into crazy killers? What is this, Battlestar Galactica?

Stoning (not in the Koran), beheading, rape, genital mutilation etc have very little to do with religion, and everything to do with global politics, global economics and local patriarchal/conservative cultural practises, practises which are themselves a product of global politics and global economics.

Not to mention that the very practises which you deride and ascribe to Islam are practised in even GREATER degrees in many Hindu, Christian and Buddhist countries.

By all means, criticise Islam, criticise all religion, but criticise it with nuance, with historical context, and dont use it as a tool to promote your moronic philosophies.

"There have been HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people throughout human history who had (and hey, are STILL having to!) to endure FAR worse that what those mofos supposedly experienced; yet, they did not turn into savage beasts."

There are billions of muslims in the world. The vast majority are not "savage beasts". The actions of those you deem "savage" are a result of external conditions. Not to mention that the United States has higher rape rates, murder rates, and war crime rates than many of these supposed "savage" Third World countries, and that most terrorist acts aren't by muslims and that all major studies (Robert Pape et al) show that terrorism commited by muslims have nothing to do with Islam and eveyrthing to do with specific secular and strategic goal: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from territory. The CIA itself publishes reports which lay this out clearly. But when does the US ever listen to its own intelligence reports?

"If you did, you would recognize that their actions are both catalyzed and endorsed by the Islamic creed."

It doesn't matter, you idiot. The Bible or the Koran or the Torah - primitive, patriarchal, stupid books - could have huge chapters specifically demanding that believers kill every baby on the planet. It doesn't matter. This behaviour is a crime, and governments punish crimes. That's all. Muslim commit crime, muslim go to jail. There is no existential horde trying to take your freedeeerms, nor can it if it existed.

"She is a "brown" Arab"

And where are her parents from?

"I am Libertarian."

Of course you are. Because you're a silly individual.

You hate Muslim fanatics but you endorse the "logical" and "sane" belief in deregulated free markets and the holy powers of the unimpinged Invisible Hand.

Tell me, how come no libertarian economist has a clue about how money is created? How come even those who do - the Ron Paul nutjobs who (rightfully, if naively) want to nationalise the Fed - are still in denial that capitalism itself must create unpayable debts and so poverty? Do you know why?

How come libertarians are so obsessed with "cutting down welfare" when, historically, welfare sprung up to prevent capitalism from collapsing? Didn't your own god, the nutty Ayn Rand, tell you that that capitalism cannot provide full employment? Don't you know this? Do you realize that "capitalism" deems an 8 to 15 percent unemployment rate ideal? Do you know why? Do you know why anything less causes inflation? If capitalism must lead to millions unemployed, don't you think this will lead to millions of uppity, violent people? Doesn't welfare placate them? Who do you think profits most from placated people?

Tell me, why are libertarians obsessed with "big governemnt" (such an innane term)? Doesn't history tell us that capitalism needs a "big government" to protect itself, its values and spread? Could the land enclosure policies in 1400-1600s England, which enshrined private property rights, ever be enacted without massive government? Doesn't profit lead to power and monopoly and so the hijacking of government anyway?

How come no libertarian has a clue about all the scientists and post-neoclassical economists (Adrian Dragulescu, Victor Yakovenko etc) - you know, REAL economic scientists not sponsered by banks - who are running computer models of capitalism (complete with billions of AI "consumers")? Do you know that we can fast-forward these simulations? You know what the end results of these simulations always are?

Being a libertarian in the 21st century is like worshiping Loki with a straight face thousands of years ago. You're a relic oblivious to the irony of your hatred of relics.
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Wed, Apr 15, 2015, 11:19pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S1: Fortunate Son

Michael, you're such a caricature of right wing idiocy, ahistoricms and racism it's not even funny.

The West has armed, funded and fanned terrorists and dictators in virtually every country in the middle east, is supporting about 6 theocratic regimes in the region (we're still helping the Saudi kings kill protesters and civil rights activists) and has subverted every democratic movement in the region via coups, the installation of dictators, assassinations and the funding of terrorist groups. Any progressive leader in the middle east is systematically killed by the West and replaced with barbarism so as to maintain a hold on resources and prevent the nationalisation of minerals/oil.

No America/UK/France = no Boko Harram, no ISIS, no alqueda, no Saddam (a CIA asset for most of his life), no Muslim Brotherhood etc etc. Go learn the history of Egypt in the 1900s and how the US has repeatedly couped it. Go learn what it did in Libya in the 50s and 60s. Go learn about America's deals with alqueda and Pakistan, setting up villages in northern Pakistan specifically so we can drone them easier, or how we destroyed elections in Iraq and put Saddam in power, or how we continue to arm repressive monarchs, knowing full well they're funnelling arms and money to terrorist groups we pretend to hate but often depend upon to fight our proxy battles.

The West destabalized everywhere, created Islamic extremists and regressed a region which would have been working toward secularism and probably even atheism by this point if left alone. And you have the gall to make a blanket condemnation of "Muslims". People like you are dangerous morons, who have spewed the same ignorance against similar groups throughout history. People like you said the same about the Irish, about the French Revolutionaries, about the Boxer Rebels, about the Chinese, about the Africans, about the slaves, about every group that has stood in the way of easy profit.

Look at Iraq for example; the moment Iraq had free elections the US and UK swept in, couped up the place, backed monarchs, installed Saddam, armed him, used him for a proxy war against Iran, removed him, replaced him with puppets knowing full well this would lead to factionalism and...and now look at Iraq; a hellhole in which we're fighting bad guys (ISIS) we funded and armed in a country nextdoor (Syria) to oust a leader (Assad) who himself would not have been in power had we not spend 50 years couping Syria. All this because Bush Jr and Bush Sr (a CIA chiftain) and Bush Granddaddy (a banker of course) can't live without oil. But no, blame the Muslims. Blame them for not being smart enough to kick out a zillion dollar CIA operation in the 1950s designed solely to destroy their first chance of independence/democratic-elections.
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