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Fri, Sep 17, 2021, 6:42am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S7: Shattered

This episode seems to be very polarizing...

I quite enjoyed it tho. On my first viewing, it was just okay, but when I rewatched it I found it to be more enjoyable for some reason. I think if you take it as just a fun episode, it's fine. The Chakotay and Janeway interections were the main appeal.

Also, someone asked why Naomi and Icheb are wearing outdated Starfleet uniforms... but I think that's because they're still in the Delta quadrant. Remember, it was originally gonna take them 70 years to get back home. And the Voyager crew didn't update their uniforms even after they could see that Starfleet updated them already.

My only question is how Naomi and Icheb or the rest of the crew were able to proceed for 17 years with the ship stuck in temporal flux the entire time...

Anyway, I would give this a solid 3.5. Not amazing, but I don't think it's as terrible as others think. It's a very rewatch-able episode, imo.
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Thu, Aug 12, 2021, 10:02am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S5: Nor the Battle to the Strong

I don't get how so many of you didn't like this episode..

I thought it was very compelling. It has a fresh perspective by using a non-solider/starfleet character and putting them on the battlefront. One of the most memorable episodes of DS9, imo.
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Wed, Aug 11, 2021, 10:47pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S5: Apocalypse Rising

I thought this was a fun episode.

Dukat was entertaining, as usual. I loved how he was no-nonsense and just blew up the Klingon ship. His character is always so pragmatic. He saw before anyone else, that there would be no need for him to stay around until the mission was completed.

Sisko made a great Klingon. It seems Avery Brooks was made for that kind of role lol. It would be great to see him make a cameo in one of the new treks as a Klingon.

As for why Sisko was recognized and not Worf... Sisko wasn't recognized by any Klingons.. Martok was a Changeling. He probably recognized the others too, but once he saw Sisko clearly, he was able to put all the pieces together.

And Worf is infamous to the higher circle of Klingon society, but it is probable that the average Klingon might know his name but wouldn't immediately recognize his face, especially if he's not in his Starfleet uniform. I mean, it's not like they would have Worf's portrait in their social studies books for all the Klingon children to learn about him.

Plus, this might be racist but all Klingons look the same anyway... Haha jk... don't kill me lol.

Anyway, I liked the twist at the end and it was good character development to have Odo be the one to figure it out. He was feeling useless now that he is just a solid, but after this he should realize that he is still a valuable member of the team and has much to contribute.
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Sun, Aug 8, 2021, 12:39pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S4: Paradise Lost

I enjoyed the conclusion to this two parter and thought it was brilliant. The purpose of these episodes wasn't to start the war... but it was more about the principles of Starfleet and how people are able to lose sight of them.

This episode was especially poignant with the rise of Trump fascism in America... Admiral Leyton was willing to create lies in order to achieve his goals at any cost, not just at the cost of fellow Starfleet officers, but of the very principles of Starfleet itself.

To the guy defending trump's attempted coup... Trump clearly encouraged them, as did other Republican leaders. But even if you want to say he didn't have direct involvement, Trump and his followers refuse to denounce the events and take any kind of responsibility. Fox news and other Republican outlets churn out conspiracy theories of blm and antifa disguising themselves as Trump supporters... that kind of stuff is just as harmful to our democracy as the lies that Admiral Leyton was telling to the Federation. Republicans even purged Liz Cheney for not being loyal go Trump.. much like how Leyton tried to get rid of Sisko for not bejng loyal to him... No, instead Sisko was loyal to the Federation. Just like how Americans should be loyal to our democracy above any political party or leader.

Anyway, politics aside, I quite enjoy Avery Brooks' acting as Sisko. I never saw him as a bad actor, I've always just taken it as Sisko having an over-the-top personality and dramatic way of speech. And I like that alot. I find captain Sisko to be one of the better characters in DS9. Imo, DS9 has the best story in Trek, but Voyager has the more likeable characters. Bashir, jadzia, and odo are boring, imo... O'Brien gets good episodes, so he's alright. Worf is Worf from TNG, so he gets a pass. I've actually grown to like Quark, tho his episodes are usually the worst... Kira is okay, but she gets Bajoran political episodes which i enjoy... Sisko is the only one who has an enjoyabke personality and good episodes. Gul Dukat is also great, i wish he could have had more episodes lol.

But the Voyager crew all have very unique and interesting personalities and I enjoy watching them all. Even Neelix can be enjoyable to watch at times.
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Mon, Aug 2, 2021, 10:18am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S2: The Collaborator

I loved the politics in this episode. Vedek Bareil's redeeming twist at the end made me respect his character even more.

Also, I don't see this as tarnishing Kai Opaka's reputation.. she clearly made a difficult choice in order to save more lives. There's no way it was easy for her to sacrifice the life of her own son.

Kai Winn(makes me shudder to call her Kai) continues to make me hate her with every fiber of my being... she's such a devious character that couldn't have been acted any better.
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Mon, Aug 2, 2021, 7:48am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S2: The Maquis, Part II

Quark "out-logicing" a Vulcan using the Rules of Acquisition was genius and gave me a new respect for him. It was my favorite part of this episode.
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Mon, Jul 19, 2021, 12:02am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S7: Lineage

As someone of mixed heritage... I really appreciated this episode. I feel even to this day when racial issues are brought up and continue to be worked on, mixed race people are often left out and not given the consideration they are due.

I've also known many others of mixed race and there is an inherent identity issue in many of us. We all deal with them in different ways, some not healthy... some of us find acceptance in one heritage and not the other, some might find acceptance in both or neither...

B'elanna is still struggling with her identity issues into her adulthood, but it is a very good and realistic portrayal of what some mixed people might go through. And I appreciate that she has continued to struggle and deal with the issue throughout the series and it wasn't just swept away as an afterthought.
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Sun, May 5, 2013, 8:59pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S6: Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy

Now THIS was a good episode. It was absolutely hilarious. The Doc is my favorite character for obvious reasons.
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Sun, May 5, 2013, 8:57pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S6: Barge of the Dead

I don't get you people. This episode was boring as hell.
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