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Sun, Dec 1, 2019, 2:24pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S4: Retrospect

This is terrible episode for many reasons, but the biggest is that the message is "Women shouldn't make accusations against men". I might add some superfluous wording about "unless they have 100% proof", but its a chicken and egg device to stop any accusations. For how can the victim have the burden of proof? They would need assistance to get it (police, detectives, lawyers, etc.), but if they can't make the accusation, they can never get the proof.

The episode was always about sexual assault. If you read any article about it, when the writers came in to clean up the pitch and make it a story, they have gone on record as removing the 'sexual' elements, but it still seems like an allegory so, they changed the wording but the subtext is resoundingly clear (especially with the 'violation' phrasing).

This is basically a Harvey Weinstein defense piece before the truth came out. Considering how long that abuse went on, it really seems like this is propaganda directed at women, to let them know they should never make any kind of fuss about assault, otherwise, it will literally kill the man and it will be their fault.

The fact that a fairly impartial process leads to the death of an 'innocent' man (c'mon, who runs and kills themselves if the are totally innocent) seems to be pushing propaganda for abusers.

STNG already did a very good episode about how different people remember things (maybe even having false memories). The one where Riker is accused of murdering a scientist developing a power source, used as a weapon. There, the accused was a main character, so we know that he is innocent. If the writers wanted to do a false memory episode, it should have followed that format.

This episode was just a poorly written (not unusually so, but Voyager is usually smothering itself with plot holes). Why did Tuvok not mind meld? Why didn't they scan for that guys DNA on Seven? Why couldn't the Doctor find damage to Sevens neck? Why was the Doctor so amazingly incompetent? Voyager is pretty much garbage and this episode is just exhibit #99.
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