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Smells like tng spirit
Sat, Oct 26, 2019, 8:03pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S7: All Good Things...

0ct 2019. JAMMER lives! Found Tos at 11. Gave me interest in science and yea even sf, philospophy/religion and histoty at impressional young age. Gotme into the amazing 1880s to 1950s great sf short stories (wells to simak). And then Tos tepreats when i hit pubertly...well u can imagine....the wimminnnn...
Then "got a life" and only saw bits and pieces of tng. But now att 55 watched all tng for fitrsytime toghether with jammer (found bu mistake) and reviewl family here :)
Brilliant and funny pro/anti discussions and about good/bad sci, acting, resets vs arcs, religion/atheiest, and loads of interestil trivia about actors orher roles and silly mistakes.
An honour to find an read this site.
My humble opiion? Tos/Tng is hokum, but the best entertaining hukum thats ever been on tv, with the odd episode reaching levels of serious sf that makes up for the occasional but still entertaining dross. :) 10/10
Any now for ds9 and voy, which ive seen the odd one before, but looked like feckin shite. But at my age, im goonna give em a try. Never too old to learn.....any good rewiew sites fot them?
Hey Jammer and all ur repliers, "go raibh math agut", yez made tng a much better experience to watch. "Go neridh an bothar a chairde". Try the univeral transaltor on that folks. Hint its celtic Irish.
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