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Tue, Feb 5, 2019, 10:32pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S2: Point of Light

I'm really enjoying this season. S1 was a bit rough around the edges but no version of trek hasn't had that problem.

I always yawn a bit in klingon centric episodes in all variations of trek tbh.

I think theres a lot or nostalgic rose-tinted glasses here. A lot of tos/tng/voy and even my beloved ds9 was boring or crap in some was if we're brutally honest.

For me the main thing dsc lacks over ds9/tng/tos is a proper ensemble cast. Burnham just isnt interesting enough to carry the show. We need 5-7 fleshed out main characters plus some well written side ones (eg Garak ds9). Voy had the same problem to a lesser extent. Although they had some decent characters but just gave them nothing to do until it was endless 7/doc/janeway. And it was horribly written in general but i digress.

It "feels" enough like trek to me and I've seen all of it. Eden felt JUST like trek and i loved it - best dsc episode by far.

I even watch ENT to help me sleep sometimes.

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