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Tue, Nov 21, 2017, 1:27am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S4: Day of Honor

If the Caatati's ships run on thorium, why wouldn't they be able to make it? Voyager could, and that was even before Seven's magical thorium maker. They had already made and given them some earlier in the episode.

And when they dump the warp core, they are no longer at warp obviously, and they lost impulse too and are dead in space, so why is the warp core millions of kilometers away? It should be right next to them. Makes no sense.

And if you use a tractor beam on it will supposedly explode, but the Caatati tractor it all over the place and nothing happens.

Once you replace a warp core, doesn't it take a long time to initialize it as well? More than 30 min I think. Not to mention all the other stuff they did in that same time period while Paris and Torres are running out of oxygen, as other people said.

And they keep saying in the show 114 millibars of oxygen left, 93 millibars, etc. Millibars is a measurement of pressure. Not an amount of oxygen. They should have said parts per million or a percentage or count down time or something that made more sense.

Not just a Voyager thing, but most sci-fi does it; and that is that people in outer space always move in slow motion. Like when they are typing on the communications pad and whatnot in this episode. I always found that ridiculous.

And why didn't Voyager realize that they were out of communication with the shuttle long before that? Why didn't either of them on the shuttle tell Voyager they found the core and that the Caatati were trying to steal it?

And why would Seven have suggested that she turn herself over to them first, instead of bringing up the thorium generator? She only brought it up after Janeway said no, she won't let her go. It doesn't seem very Borg-like to surrender.

And screw the Caatati, they didn't even apologize.

2 1/2 stars.
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Tue, Nov 7, 2017, 3:49am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S3: Darkling

Diereses and umlauts and opera for god's

The Doc takes certain character traits from various historical figures, and they somehow all blend together and what comes out? An insane serial killer of course.

And at the very beginning of the episode after he molests Torres, he tells the computer to isolate the subroutines and not use them anymore, so why does he still go all mental?

And why does he keep switching from good to evil? It would seem if his program was corrupted it would stay that way, not go from being normal to being messed up to being normal again.

How does the Doc keep transporting back and forth from Voyager to the planet over and over with no one noticing? He beamed down to spy on Kes, then back up, then back down, to push that guy off a cliff, then back up.

And where does this cloak come from? He has it hidden away on the planet and puts it on whenever he beams down I guess. And like "N" mentioned above, what's up with the eyes and teeth? And the messy hair and 5 o'clock shadow? Why would he look different? He would have to alter his program, and if he did, why would he make himself look like a dimwitted crazy person?

Tuvok interviews Nakahn about the attack on Zahir, accusing him of being involved, and Nakahn doesn't mention the crazy guy that showed up that night and stuck his hand in a fire?

KES: Empathy and kindness are basic to all forms of life.

I dispute that. :D

The Doc keeps glitching out because his subroutines are degrading (sigh) and then he flings himself and Kes off the ledge and they are beamed up to Voyager, and he's totally fine. Good thing his subroutines quit affecting him during that precise second it took to transport them or else he may have started shooting people when he got back. Lucky, huh!?!

And I agree with most of the other posters that they totally glossed over Kes' story which is what was actually important in this episode, instead focusing on what was happening to the Doc which was totally meaningless.

The Doc was totally irresponsible, messing with his own systems, and nearly causing the death of several people, but no one cares. At least take his mobile emitter away for awhile as punishment or something. Another case of someone on Voyager endangering lots of people for no good reason, with absolutely no repercussions whatsoever.

I do not like this one.

1/2 star.
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