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Tue, Oct 22, 2019, 12:40pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S2: Elogium

@DmR of AtoZ

'That voice that gives me a shimmer across my shoulders, and then drapes warm velvet over it !'

I agree. I've said it many times here. Kes was and still remains the most sensual character ever on ST. That voice!
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Thu, Sep 21, 2017, 12:52am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S2: Elogium

The last episode showed what Voyager could be, and this episode shows what no show should be ever.

I don't even know where to begin tbh. There are so many horrible things in this episode. And I won't even mention all of it, because some of it has been explained by other posters already.

I guess I'll start with the 'coincidences'. Chakotay finds a couple making out, thus discussing reproducing with Janeway. Ok fine. Then Kes starts her reproductive cycle. Then they find out the alien beings are also trying to reproduce, and are in some mating ritual. Then Wildman shows up saying she is pregnant, which is, you know, reproducing. I could buy one of those in a show, or maybe even two, but all four? Come on.

And this is the episode that finally cements Neelix as the worst character in all of Star Trek. He is literally insanely jealous. Jealous of Paris saying 'I'll see you later'! Jealous of a doctor touching Kes's feet! His again insane behaviour in sickbay, when the Doc finally has to kick him out. Then of course the flesh and blood person being banned by a hologram comment to Janeway. And also the fact that he is now obviously a pedo instead of just a suspected one. Dating someone who hasn't even gone through puberty yet. Neelix is a terrible person and a terrible character, and I don't understand why someone so sweet and understanding as Kes would be with him in the first place. Or why anyone would have thought he was likeable in any way.

And wouldn't the doctor be able to figure out if they were genetically compatible enough to have a baby? I would think so, considering some of the medical miracles he's performed so far. But I can overlook that I suppose. Being unknown aliens and all, but it still bugged me a bit.

Chakotay says that the space sperm are moving around at 3000Km per second. That's 6 1/2 million miles an hour!! As if they could even see them. And when they are shown, they are moving around very slowly. Looks more like about 3 miles an hour to me. Also they absorb nutrients from space, because of their 'extremely porous outer covering'. We all know how many nutrients there are in space. Lots of course! And the best shell to have in the vacuum of space is an extremely porous one.

Later they say that Voyager is being pulled into the swarm of space sperm at 6,000Km per second. That's nearly 13 million miles an hour! How far away are they? And then to try and escape the swarm, they set their speed at 200Kph/120mph. lol. They will certainly escape a swarm of creatures that move at 6.5 million miles an hour by going 120 miles an hour.

They finally decide that they need to act 'submissive'. So they vent plasma to make it blue, and then flip the ship over. Here's the exact dialogue.

JANEWAY: Mister Paris, do we have enough power to take Voyager into a roll?
PARIS: I think so.
JANEWAY: All right. Let's give this a try. Mister Kim, start venting plasma residue. Mister Paris, roll the ship.
PARIS: Full power to inertial dampers.

Wut? That is probably the most ridiculous dialogue I've ever heard in Star Trek ever. They need full power to inertial dampers to flip the ship? They might not have enough power to flip the ship over? wut? This is outer space!! Not to mention the whole 3d nature of space, so who's to say what is upside down or not?

I won't even get into the more personal/social aspects of the show, but that is all totally ridiculous as well.

Worst episode so far.

Zero stars. Just awful. Worse than awful, in so many ways.
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