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Sat, Dec 2, 2017, 4:24pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S4: Random Thoughts

They should have just beamed Torres up and left. Who cares? The rule about following local laws is because they want to stay friendly with species that they make contact with, so that relations aren't strained in the future, but they are never going to see these people again ever, and Janeway breaks the rules all the time, so who cares?

And I don't understand most of this episode.

The Mari are telepaths. And they don't have violent thoughts. Or do they have them and then suppress them? Because some of them have violent thoughts, or they wouldn't be able to get any for the black market, and would have no need of a violent thought erasing machine. And are they always reading each other's minds constantly? Or else why would a violent thought from someone make someone else get violent? But if they are doing that all the time, how come no one notices all the violent thoughts in the people getting them from the black market? And if they don't notice those, why not? Because they are suppressed and only thought about when they want to think about them? And if they can do that, why can't they think their own violent thoughts themselves? And if they can control when they think about the thoughts, why would the old lady think about it in public and then attack someone? Why didn't anyone else notice the thought that she was having in public? And once all those people saw the guy getting beaten and the woman being murdered, wouldn't they have violent thoughts about it and need to be purged too? And if the thought police can locate a violent thought in someone's head and know exactly what it is, in order to purge it, wouldn't they then have to get that thought removed themselves? And what makes B'Elanna's thought so powerful anyway? All she did is think about punching the guy. They exchange thoughts of violence and murder all the time so how would punching someone make them lose control of themselves? And since when does thinking something violent make you suddenly beat the hell out of someone or murder them? If it does, why aren't these black market guys killing people all the time?

It all makes no sense whatsoever.

And Seven is right. They waste entirely too much time doing pointless crap. Janeway is so gung-ho to get everyone home as soon as possible, that she breaks all sorts of Federation regulations, murders people, trespasses all over the place, etc. Yet they stay for days at this stupid planet for no reason whatsoever.

1 1/2 stars.
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