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Mon, Oct 23, 2017, 4:04pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S1: Choose Your Pain


'"Klingons don't eat their victims."

Same holds true here. This was a matter of survival here.... I don't think you can knock the DSC Klingons for surviving.'

(I'm going to copy/paste some of what I wrote on the previous episodes comments.)

I don't think that's the case. Unless they were starving after about 2 days, or else preserved her body to eat later, which I would assume they didn't, not thinking they would be stranded there for 6 months. Otherwise, she would be quite decomposed by the time they got that hungry I imagine. I think the writers did that just to make them seem more ruthless and alien and evil to us humans.

But the Klingons have always eaten at least the hearts of others, so that's nothing all that new.
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Sat, Oct 21, 2017, 1:01pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S1: Choose Your Pain

First of all a possible spoiler so skip this part if you want.


Johnathan Frakes said there will be a mirror universe episode of DIS. Also that he directed an episode. Not sure if it's the mirror universe episode or not, but that would explain the mirroring stuff and the beginning and end of the show. The last scene especially seems to hint at it.

---------------End of Spoiler-----------


I came a little late to this episode, so most of the stuff I wanted to talk about was already discussed by everyone else. So forgive me when I start repeating stuff.

My first real gripe with this episode was, how did the Klingons know where Lorca was, in order to kidnap him, and that he'd be on a shuttle with no protection other than one other guy? They pop out of warp right on top of him. Unless that's going to be answered in some future episode, that was pretty lame.

Then Mudd goes on and on about how Starfleet are bad guys, which we heard from the Klingons in earlier episodes. So noone in the galaxy likes Starfleet I guess, and judging from the characters so far on the show I can see why. They are all smug, self indulgent, annoying assholes. Even Saru comes across that way in this episode, after being a decent person before. Yes, he is out to save his captain, but still.

And I also don't like what others have called the 'edginess' of this show. Star Trek has done other adult themed shows in the past (Troi being raped, a few different times actually, for example), but that wasn't done solely for shock value, like them saying 'fucking' and having people's heads stomped on, as was done in this episode.

L'Rell has what to me sounds like a middle eastern accent (I may be wrong though), which I guess is to make her seem more 'evil' since muslims are the 'enemy' of the western world now. I think that's pretty low. Why not make her have an English accent or a Japanese accent or whatever?

Something very fishy is going on with L'Rell and that Ash guy, since she's only been on the ship for 3 weeks. I hope it turns out to be something cool, like Ash is a spy, and not just the writer's total brain fart. But yes, Lorca having a Klingon detector on his desk probably isn't a coincidence.

And as I mentioned in a comment on an earlier episode, why didn't the ripper just leave Discovery? That really really annoys me. It can teleport wherever it wants to in the galaxy supposedly, as long as it has access to spores, which it does, but it can't leave. Why not? Seriously. Someone come up with a reason it couldn't leave either Discovery or Glenn. And it rehydrates itself in outer space at the end with the water it got from where exactly?

At some point in the episode they start saying that the ripper is probably sentient. Really? When did that come about? Why do they think so? Is it or isn't it? No explanation of any of that is given. They just say it as if it's a given.

And I have to complain about, as many others have, that horrible exposition about how the spore drive works, among three people who know perfectly well how it works. That was annoying. Maybe that could fly in an episodic show, where something happened 10 episodes ago that you may not have seen, but the whole rest of the episode presumes that you had seen all the previous ones anyway so what was the point of that nonsense?

Now this part really annoys me. I mean really. Here goes.

The tardigrade (ripper) shares some DNA with the mushrooms/spores so it can use them to travel throughout the galaxy. Fine. But humans also share DNA with the spores, and also the tardigrades, so that means that both the ripper and the spores originated on earth, or they came to earth and we evolved from them. Either way, the fact that they have somehow spread over the entire galaxy and been able to travel over the entire galaxy for a billion years means that we should be able to as well, or at least the spores should have been found on earth or that earth tardigrades should be able to travel around the galaxy as well. Or something! Something! I really don't like this whole spore drive thingy.

And I may as well weigh in on the 'gay' thing, since it seems to be such a hot topic. :P

I could care less if someone on a show is gay or in a gay relationship. I just hated the way they presented it here. In the first 4 episodes, it was sort of hinted at a little in various ways, and then in this episode, at the end, it seemed like they went 'Hah! See! They really ARE gay! Did you figure it out?! And if you didn't, then what a surprise!'. That to me was sort of insulting.

Just as an example, take the gay couple in 'Modern Family'. It never occured to me that their relationship was anything but normal, because they never showed it to be anything else. Nothing but a normal couple doing normal couple things. But in Discovery, they made it a big reveal, 'They ARE gay! Gotcha!' , and that is what was super lame.

I could go on, but this is too long already.

I still haven't given any episode above 2 1/2 stars yet, and that's what this one gets too.

2 1/2 stars.
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Sat, Oct 14, 2017, 1:00am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S2: Tuvix

Janeway commited murder. I know it's debatable if you think about it out of the context of the show, but based on what was said in the show itself, she clearly murdered Tuvix.

JANEWAY: ...he's begun to make a life for himself on this ship. He's taken on responsibilities, made friends.
CHAKOTAY: I count myself as one of them.
JANEWAY: So at what point, did he become an individual and not a transporter accident?

EMH: ...I will not take Mister Tuvix's life against his will.

Even Kes says 'Tuvix doesn't deserve to die', though she wants him to because she wants Neelix back, which is an understandable reaction.

So it seems that everyone, including most importantly, Janeway, clearly thought he was an individual being, and not just some accident, even going to far as to say he is their friend, and he doesn't deserve to die, and that he has his own free will. If Tuvix is an individual with free will, and a friend, and deserves to live, then what Janeway did was murder. Plain and simple.

The episode makes it's own argument that Janeway is a murderer and not a hero.

And someone else mentioned in another comment that since he had the intelligence of Tuvok and a will to live, that he should have come up with some sort of escape plan. I think maybe he was about to do that at the end, but was interrupted by Janeway.

TUVIX: Mister Paris, what is our present speed?
PARIS: Warp six point five.
TUVIX: I'd like to conduct a field test of the aft sensor array. Please, slow to impulse.
PARIS: Commander?
CHAKOTAY: Until the Captain makes a decision, Mister Tuvix is still the tactical officer.
JANEWAY: Mister Tuvix, I'd like to speak to you alone.

Just my interpretation, but I think he was having them slow to impulse so he could steal a shuttle or something and get away before he was, you know, murdered by the captain. Only speculation of course.

Also Tuvix is superior to both Tuvok and Neelix. He does each of their jobs better than the original did, so why not keep him around?

TUVIX: ...I wanted to work on that proximity detector glitch in the security subroutine.
JANEWAY: And how's it going?
TUVIX: I managed to correct it.
CHAKOTAY: Tuvok said it could take up to ten days to check out all the possible problems. How'd you fix it so fast?
TUVIX: I had a hunch.

CAPTAIN'S LOG: ...I've found him to be an able advisor who skillfully uses humour to make his points. And although I feel a bit guilty saying it, his cooking is better than Neelix's.

And finally, though there is no real world analogy to what happened with Tuvix, since it's an impossibility, the closest I can think of is this, which is also impossible, but whatever.

A man and his pregnant wife die in a car accident, but they manage to save the baby. It is a combination of the two of them, with many of their traits, both physical and mental, but still a unique individual. The child is taken in by a friend of the couple and lives with them for three weeks, when a wizard shows up (this is the impossible part if you didn't realize) to the friend and said that he would bring the parents back to life if they shot the baby in the head and killed it. So they shoot the baby to get their friends back.

Would that be ok? Of course not. It's killing one to bring back two, but it's an incredibly ruthless and selfish act, and I don't see how anyone here would agree to the situation I just layed out. And it's not all that different than Tuvix's situation.

TUVIX: Don't you think that I care about Tuvok and Neelix?...I think of them as my parents.

Also, either Tuvok or Neelix is now part flower. They used the radioisotope to separate one of them from Tuvix (they didn't say which one), leaving the other behind, along with the flowers. I was half expecting them to reappear with bouquets in their hands, but no, so someone is still a flower child. :P

Would have been 4 stars if Tuvix had volunteered to die or some other explanation was given rather than a cold blooded murder. Janeway is the worst captain ever.

As is...3 1/2 stars from me
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Sat, Sep 23, 2017, 6:25pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S3: The Forgotten

This season has been quite good so far, except for a few missteps.

This is what Voyager should have been. A ship out in the middle of nowhere with no help from home, doing things they don't want to just to survive, their ship getting damaged and actually taking time to fix, etc. If this was Voyager, this episode would never have existed. The ship would have been magically fixed and the deaths of crew members basically ignored. Voyager had such a promising premise and wasted it on fluff. Too bad it took Enterprise to actually use that premise effectively.

I'm glad Enterprise did though.

3 1/2 stars from me for each of the last three episodes
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