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Thu, Dec 28, 2017, 8:12am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S5: Nothing Human

I won't get too much into the whole 'creating a hologram' thing. It was gone over by Jammer and others well enough already. I just have a few other things to point out.

When they are first making the hologram, this dialogue happens.

KIM: Have you mentioned to anyone else that this guy's a Cardassian?
EMH: What difference does it make?
KIM: Maybe you haven't heard. They're not the friendliest folks in the galaxy.
EMH: I don't care if he's the nastiest man who ever lived, as long as he can help us save B'Elanna.
KIM: Good point.

So there's that.

And this.

EMH: ...We may be able to create a reasonable facsimile of your laboratory in our holodeck. Providing of course, you can give an accurate description.
MOSET: Oh, down to the smallest detail. It's more of a home to me than my home.

How does the holoCrell know what the real Crell's lab looked like?

And what good is Crell, the expert exobiologist, anyway? He doesn't really do anything useful. HIs big theory is to cut the alien open and shock it a bunch of times, basically torturing it until it lets go. The Doc couldn't have done that without help from the 'expert'? I could have done that.

And then later this nonsense happens.

MOSET: It's losing motor control. The tendrils are withdrawing from her lungs, liver, kidneys. The alien's life signs are failing.
EMH: We need a substitute for the metabolic energy it was taking from B'Elanna.
MOSET: Could we restore its own metabolism?
EMH: Perhaps. Give it forty milligrams of stenophyl. It's going into anaphylactic shock.
MOSET: All right, increasing the dosage to sixty milligrams.
MOSET: Anaphylaxia is subsiding.
EMH: Its electrolytic reactions are increasing. Its metabolism is stabilising on its own.

First of all anaphylactic shock is an allergic reaction. So I don't know why they said that at all. Just plain old 'shock' would have been more appropriate, coming from two medical experts. But what really bothers me is that all they had to do was inject the alien with stenophyl to restore it's own metabolism, which they figured out in about 3 seconds. So why not just do that before, and it would have been fine and let go of Torres on it's own? So stupid.

And deleting all medical knowledge ever developed by Crell is idiotic. It's not like they are deleting from all databases everywhere, just their own. That's what a ship stranded and surrounded by unknown alien life forms needs to do; delete a large chunk of medical knowledge about alien life forms. Good call Doc!!

And does that mean that the Doc now forgot how he saved Torres? I guess so. I don't know. Most of this episode doesn't make any sense anyway.

What was the message of this episode anyhow? Using knowledge obtained unethically is bad, unless we need it, then it's ok. And when we don't need it anymore, then it's bad again, so forget it ever existed. Wut?

1/2 star
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