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Fri, Sep 15, 2017, 12:03am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Jetrel

So Jetrel has been working on reconstituting all the victims of the cascade for 15 years right?

The thing is, he had never seen a transporter or knew how one even worked until he 'heard of' the one on Voyager, so how was he working on using a transporter to do that?

'I have heard of your transporter technology, Captain, but, to experience it first hand is truly remarkable' he says when he beams aboard.

Did he just guess how one might work all those years, hoping to find some sort of magical transporter somewhere? How lucky Voyager showed up just before he was about to die. How did he hear that Voyager had one? The only reason he went to Voyager was to use the transporter. No other reason at all. How did he know where they were? How did he catch up to them? What would make him think it would be able to lock onto billions of atoms spread across an entire moon and reconstitute them when he hadn't ever even seen a transporter before? Lucky they actually had a Talaxian on board so he could use his cover story. What if they didn't? How did he know Neelix was even on board?

Didn't they leave Talaxian space months ago? Or at the very least weeks ago? So how did they get back to their homeworld in a few hours? Even if they could, why would the Talaxians allow what is probably one of their worst war criminals to experiment on their dead families? Wouldn't they demand that Janeway turn him over to them for trial or something? And if they are under Haakonian control, the Haakonians had already refused to allow Jetrel to do it before when he asked, and exiled him, so wouldn't they just refuse again and boot him out once more?

But then again Janeway didn't ask for permission to try and bring people back from the dead, just to collect some of the atmosphere of the moon. Maybe she should have consulted the government or Talaxian people before doing the whole experimenting with an alien species' dead loved ones thing. Or at least told them Jetrel was on board.

There's just so many plot holes.

And also, now Neelix is not only an annoying, whiny, cloying, jealous, possessive pedophile, but a coward as well? Nice.

Fill in even half of the plot holes and it could have been 2 or even 2 1/2 stars, but it's hard to overlook all of them.

1 star
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