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Tue, Jan 23, 2018, 12:00am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S5: The Fight

Parts of this episode remind me of TNG's 'Where Silence has Lease'. The one where they get trapped in an area of space, and drop a beacon and try to fly out, and find they are right back where they started from.

This episode also seems to forget what happened earlier in the episode.

CHAKOTAY: The aliens. They were there, watching me.
EMH: Inside your vision quest?
CHAKOTAY: They were trying to tell me something.
EMH: Let them speak to you.
CHAKOTAY: No! They'll make me go crazy.
EMH: You're not going crazy. They're doing this for a reason. You've got to trust them. Stop fighting. Open your mind. Let go. Listen.


JANEWAY: Could be some sort of alien geometry, but we'll need much more. Is it safe for him to try to make contact again?
EMH: Medically speaking, yes. The problem is convincing the Commander of that.
CHAKOTAY: They want to contact me.

And later they seem to forget all of that happened...(same line even)

CHAKOTAY: They want to contact me.
JANEWAY: Who does?
CHAKOTAY: The people who live here.
EMH: This will sedate him.
JANEWAY: Wait a minute. You believe somebody lives here, in Chaotic space, and they're trying to communicate with you?

Wut? No shit Janeway. You just told him a little bit ago to keep trying to communicate with the aliens.

JANEWAY: Why go through all the trouble? We're trapped here anyway.
CHAKOTAY: Let me back in the ring.
EMH: Even if this is some kind of alien communication it could harm him. Permanently.
CHAKOTAY: Captain. When have we ever turned away from a first contact?
JANEWAY: Send him back in the ring.

But they said earlier it was medically safe to contact the aliens that they forgot about, so I guess they forgot that too.

This episode is stupid in many ways.

1/2 star.
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