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Sat, Oct 14, 2017, 1:14am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: The Thaw

@Peter G.

I can see your point, and I like Phantasms somewhat, but this episode just grates on my nerves and annoys me like no other ever has, and hopefully ever will. I'm glad someone liked it I guess.

To each his own. :D
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Fri, Oct 13, 2017, 1:57am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: The Thaw

They come across this message that says basically 'leave us alone'. It's 4 years overdue, but then they determine (somehow) that the people within the virtual reality can wake up when they want to and might stay in longer. Two of them had died from fear (because that's a real medical diagnosis), but they had no idea why. Maybe they wanted to die. Who knows? Anyway, that is when Voyager should have left. End of show. If only it were.

Then Janeway decides to risk two people's lives, to go into what they think may be a very dangerous situation, to save three people that may or not be in danger and who had expressly sent them a message to 'leave them alone'.

And when they get there, it's an earth carnival with jugglers, and midgets, and fire-eaters, and clowns. Of course it is. An alien species from the other side of the galaxy would create an earth carnival to spend 15 years in. Of course they would.

So they find out that the clown is actually Fear. And Fear manifests itself as an insane megalomaniacal stand-up comic clown. Of course it does.

And they send in the Doctor to negotiate. How? Do they upload his entire program into the stasis computer thingy? And why would he appear there at all? The program creates this virtual world based on the thoughts of the people linked to it through the stasis tubes. How does that permit the Doc to just show up and do whatever he wants? This world isn't a holodeck. And Fear can't detect other's thoughts for several minutes after they think them, so how did he realize immediately that he can't detect the Doctor's thoughts?

And throughout the episode, they totally ignore the whole, can't detect thoughts for minutes, until the very end. He is responding to everyone's thoughts instantly throughout the whole show.

So they program a holographic Janeway in about five minutes somehow, and send her in to talk to Fear. They have a little conversation where the holo-Janeway acts all arrogant just like the real one, so they did a good job in five minutes.

And if everyone was disconnected from the program except for holo-Janeway, why didn't the virtual reality world shut down, since that's how the stupid thing worked in the first place, by integrating with the minds of the hostages?

Janeway tells Fear - 'You know as well as I do that fear only exists for one purpose. To be conquered.'
Janeway earlier - 'The ability to recognise danger, to fight it or run away from it, that's what fear gives us.'

So I guess it has more than one purpose.

At the end...

JANEWAY: ...Isn't that why you allowed Captain Janeway to come here? Because you sensed she had the power to subdue you.
CLOWN: No. She lied. That was very un-Starfleet of her.
JANEWAY: Starfleet captains don't easily succumb to fear.

Which completely makes it sound as though Fear clown was defeated by Janeway and her super Starfleet non-fear powers, when it was actually because they disconnected everyone from the program. So that's totally cheesy.

The whole episode was gimmicky, annoying, abrasive, ridiculous, plothole ridden nonsense from start to finish.

I can honestly say that of all the Star Trek episodes and movies, and yes I've seen all of them (except the animated series), that this is the one sole episode that I absolutely HATE. This is my second time watching it, and I hated it the first time, but I gave it another chance, because I thought maybe I was too harsh. But no, no I wasn't. It's a trainwreck wrapped in a steaming wet turd wrapped in a dried out turd.

ZERO stars.
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