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Tue, Oct 22, 2019, 10:54am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Retrospect

There are several ST episodes about rape, but this isn't one of them.
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Tue, Oct 22, 2019, 10:52am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Retrospect

As I said 2 years ago. I still don't understand why anyone thinks this episode is about rape at all. It's about repressed/supressed memories, and whether they may or may not be true.

All this talk of rape and false rape allegations, etc. has nothing to do with this episode. Of course some people are raped, and some people lie about rape, and who knows whether statistics about it are correct or not? But it doesn't matter, that's not what is happening here. It's about memories, not rape.

I can't believe I have to explain this to what I would assume to be smart Star Trek fans. geez.
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Fri, Dec 15, 2017, 4:46am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Retrospect

I disagree with you totally.

I think we all know what rape is. I don't think I need to go into any more detail. But you and I and everyone else knows what rape is.

A medical procedure to remove nanoprobes, or even my sperm, isn't rape. It's completely wrong, and terrible, and a total invasion, but it isn't rape.

And the point of the episode was that maybe Seven had false memories implanted. That's it. People trying to make it about something else are reading too much into it, I think.
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Fri, Dec 8, 2017, 6:03pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Retrospect

Sorry this is so long, but whatever. :P

I don't know why anyone even started talking about rape. Seven wasn't raped. They knocked her out and stole some of her nanoprobes. That would be like someone knocking me out and stealing some of my blood. This episode is clearly about the alleged implanting of false memories, not rape, or falsely accusing someone of rape. It's even in the title of the episode. If it had been Paris they did this to, no one would be talking about rape at all. Just because Seven is a sexy woman, it equates to rape? That's stupid. A person can say they were violated without it meaning rape. Sheesh. Everyone stop immediately jumping to 'rape' when someone says the word 'violated'.

And Kovin is obviously guilty. Either that or the writers messed up big time. Like very big.

She totally overreacted to Kovin by breaking his nose. Why would she do that if something hadn't happened between them? She has never acted like that before. She's not Torres.

Seven began having flashbacks of what happened before the Doc even did anything to her. That's why they started this whole process. Why would she have false memories before she underwent regression therapy?

The Doc then clearly found that someone had suppressed Seven's memories.

EMH: She experienced an episode of acute anxiety with all the trimmings. Intense apprehension, shortness of breath, dizziness. I finally managed to sedate her.
JANEWAY: Could this have been caused by her cortical implants?
EMH: I don't think so. I think the problem has to do with memory suppression. I've detected a high concentration of biogenic amines in Seven's hippocampus, a substance I haven't noticed before. It's blocking portions of her memory centre.

So if her memories weren't suppressed, then either the Doc is lying or incompetent. Neither of which is true.

Then when he tries to get her to remember what happened, he asked almost no leading questions at all. In fact he says a couple things that she contradicts. Here's what happened. (edited somewhat)

EMH: ...Describe the first image that enters your mind.
SEVEN: A medical tricorder. Duritanium casing. Seven point six centimetres by nine point eight centimetres by three point two centimetres. Alphanumeric display.
EMH: That's enough. So, you're in Sickbay. How does the tricorder make you feel?
SEVEN: It disturbs me.
EMH: Why does it disturb you?
SEVEN: I'm afraid it will hurt me.
EMH: Is there anything else there that causes you to anticipate pain?
SEVEN: The diagnostic bed. It's closing around me.
EMH: You feel restrained, confined? (*--- possibly leading)
SEVEN Yes. I am uneasy.
EMH: About what?
SEVEN: It's Kovin.
EMH: What is he doing?
SEVEN: He's restraining me. I want to get away from him but I can't. Kovin's using some kind of instrument on me.
EMH: Seven?
SEVEN: I didn't recall this before.
EMH: Recall what?
SEVEN: Kovin. He performed a surgical procedure on me. He extracted Borg technology from my body. He violated me.
EMH: We're making progress. Now tell me, this surgical procedure, when did it happen?
SEVEN: I don't know. The details are vague. There are only images.
EMH: And you're sure it was Kovin? Did you see Kovin?
EMH: You said he was restraining you, using an instrument of some sort.
SEVEN: He was.
EMH: Were you on Voyager when this happened?
SEVEN: No. It must have been when we were testing the weapons on the surface.
EMH: Then concentrate on that away mission. Focus on the first image that enters your mind. Describe it for me.
SEVEN: A large granitic stone, approximately one half metre high.
EMH: Now, allow that memory to develop beyond the image. Integrate it into your consciousness. Let the memory take shape.
SEVEN: Kovin took me to a small laboratory.
EMH: Describe it.
SEVEN: It was poorly illuminated. I saw various instruments, technology unfamiliar to me. I assumed this was where he developed new weapon designs.
SEVEN: He turned the weapon on me.
EMH: He fired? (*---- possibly leading)
SEVEN: Yes, I remember it now.
EMH: What happened next?
SEVEN: I'm not sure.
EMH: Concentrate. See the laboratory in your mind.
SEVEN: There was a light in my eyes.
EMH: Was Kovin still in the room with you?
SEVEN: They bound me to an examination table.
EMH: What did they do to you? Did they scan you? (*---- possibly leading)
SEVEN: They put a device near my head.
SEVEN: They removed my ocular implant.
SEVEN: Then some of the implants in my arm were activated.
EMH: Which ones? Can you be more specific?
SEVEN: They extracted nanoprobes through my assimilation tubules. I was powerless, unable to stop them.
EMH: You couldn't be expected to. You were restrained. Then what happened?
SEVEN: They took the nanoprobes to another subject, also restrained. Then they, they assimilated him.
SEVEN: The next thing I remember I was back in Kovin's lab. He claimed the particle beam rifle overloaded, that it had burned my hand. But it was a lie. They had attacked me.
EMH: I'll inform the captain.

Virtually everything in that exchange came from Seven, not the Doctor.

Then there is this....

EMH: ...we're dealing with a very recent memory here, that was blocked by artificial means...She's remembering what happened to her. I've confirmed this by analysing the specific engrammatic activity in her hippocampus. We're not talking about conjecture, we're talking about science.

So again, if there are no suppressed memories, then either the Doc is incompetent or lying. And again, he's neither.

And this....

JANEWAY: She now remembers that you fired the weapon at her deliberately.
KOVIN: That's preposterous.
JANEWAY: The Doctor now tells me the blast could have been enough to render her unconscious.
KOVIN: But it didn't. We were both startled for a moment. And after I apologised for the accident, she asked if I had a dermal regenerator, which I did, and I used on her arm. The one with the mechanical implants.

If she wasn't knocked unconscious, why wouldn't she just remember everything as it happened? Answer: She would. Why would she have false memories of something that had just happened to her a few hours ago? Since she doesn't remember what 'actually' happened, she must have been unconscious. And if her memory wasn't wiped, why did the Doc find evidence that it had been, and that the wipe was fading away, causing her to remember things, before he even did his regression therapy? Why would Seven remember all of that detail with no prompting from the Doc during the regression? And why did the engrammatic scan confirm that she was remembering if there was nothing to remember?

And because the hypospray they gave her made her nanoprobes act the same as if the gun overloaded, or if Kovin experimented on them, that proves nothing either way. Only that either one was possible.

Then of course there is Kovin's extreme actions near the end of the episode. Why would he possibly act like that if he were innocent? It makes no sense. Going mental and attacking Voyager and not listening when they tell him they believe him. It seems as though he knew he was guilty and didn't trust them, that they were tricking him into giving up.

I think all of that proves her memories were real and Kovin is guilty. I'd vote him guilty if I was on a jury.

So the writers portrayed him as completely guilty the entire episode, but then at the end everyone thinks he is innocent for some unknown reason. Bad writing. Or if they were trying to make him look innocent, they did a terrible job. One piece of evidence that is inconclusive at best, shouldn't make them discount all the other actual medical evidence. I don't know what the writers were trying to do to be honest. If he's guilty, then the memories weren't implanted, which is how it seems, and if that's the case, then what is the point of the episode? That they didn't investigate well enough? If he's innocent, and the memories are implanted, then what's the point? That you shouldn't investigate someone when they are accused, even if they believe them to be innocent at the end? It's very confusing.

If they found out he was truly innocent after he was wrongfully convicted, or the opposite, found out he was guilty after letting him go, then that would have some point. As it is, it says nothing about anything.

1 1/2 stars.
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