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Sat, Nov 25, 2017, 8:09am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Revulsion

So Seven knows everything the Borg know? Is that it? How can that be? I wouldn't think every single drone would remember everything the Borg knew once they were separated from the collective.

Voyager finds a ship full of dead people, with a hologram sending a distress call, and they drop off Torres and the Doc and leave. See you later! Hope everything works out while we are gone! Bye! Silly.

Why would this maintainence hologram have a full personality and emotions and be sentient and all that if they just have him locked in a room to clean out antimatter waste? The people who made him would be sadists if they did that, and probably deserved to die. And why are there emitters all over the ship for him if he never leaves that room anyway? And why would he go insane? He's a program. Unless he was programmed to go insane. How would he know how to create a holographic fish? He's pretty advanced for an antimatter waste disposal hologram. Makes no sense.

And as other's said, the hologram guy says everyone died of a virulent plague, but they don't ask one single question about it, or worry that Torres might get it. Torres can't go to the lower deck because of antimatter radiation supposedly, but the Doc could, so why wouldn't he investigate? And once he went all mental on Torres, they would have left immediately and waited for Voyager to get back. All that is very stupid.

Torres shut down all the emitters, but somehow forgot some I guess(?) and so the hologram shows up again, and he is still able to go anywhere in the ship. So what did Torres shut down exactly?

If hologram guy reached in and grabbed her heart somehow, and punctured it, she would not be walking around and acting all normal, she would be dead. Yet after that, and being clobbered in the head with a hammer, she can still run around and stuff.

And when Voyager gets back, they just leave the ship there and take off I guess, since no one says anything about it. Like maybe trying to contact the homeworld of the ship or investigating this species or this advanced hologram or their ship or anything. Nope, they just fly away.

The stuff with Seven and Harry was alright, but Wang can't act to save his life.

2 stars.
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