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Thu, Aug 24, 2017, 1:28am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S7: Natural Law

A few problems for me about this barrier thingy.

This barrier has been up for a few centuries. 'It was erected by aliens hundreds of years ago' is what they say in the show.

Seven busts a hole in the thing within approximately 5-10 seconds of learning of it's existence, by simply adjusting the frequency of the shuttle phasers, and then in one day figures out how to shut it down completely using a deflector dish and whatever 'components' she found from the shuttle. And she wasn't even using nanoprobes or borg tech. It was something similar to something species 312 did sometime or another. And of course Voyager figures out how to shut it down themselves in about 15 minutes. Yet this equally advanced race on the planet with the barrier hasn't been able to figure out how to even make a hole in it in hundreds of years? OK then.

And the Ventu are supposedly the Ledosians 'evolutionary ancestors. Our living history' as the ambassador says. They have been locked in this bubble for a few hundred years. They CAN'T be evolutionary ancestors. That's absurd. A primitive tribe living in the Amazon aren't human's evolutionary ancestors. Maybe if they had been locked up in there for 500 centuries, but not just hundreds of years ago.

If they ARE evolutionary ancestors, that means this one group of Ventu lived in the forest for thousands and thousands of years before this barrier went up? They never evolved, but the rest of the planet did somehow? It would be like a tribe of Homo Erectus living in a jungle somewhere on present day Earth. Makes no sense.

Also this barrier is invisible, so the 2 groups could have easily communicated with each other. Just because I'm on one side of a pane of glass doesn't mean I can't figure out a way to talk to someone on the other side. Gee, maybe try that sign language the Ventu use.

Also, the Ledosians fire on Voyager and take out their transporter, and only the transporter. That's some good shooting. Where exactly do you need to shoot on the outside of Voyager to selectively disable the transporter?

And the whole episode is meaningless in the end because the Ledosians ended up scanning Seven's barrier takey downy thingy, and will probably be able to build one of their own, like they should have been able to do by now anyway.

But at least we got another message crammed down our throats. Indigenous people have rights too. Yay! Thanks Voyager!

And the Paris flight school stuff was just stupid and unfunny.

1/2 star
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