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Wed, Nov 8, 2017, 10:16pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S3: Rise

My oh my. Where do I begin?

First of all, another lame Voyager episode where nothing works. What a suprise.

Scanners couldn't track debris. Couldn't locate site of transmission. Communications don't work. Thrusters don't work on shuttle, so shuttle crashes (of course). Shuttle's warp and impulse engines and comminucations then don't work. Heck, even the elevator thingy doesn't work! I'm so sick of nothing ever working. So stupid.

Why didn't Voyager detect that the asteroid wasn't a real asteroid?

The whole, 'person living inside the carriage and taking Neelix hostage' stuff, was unnecessary and ridiculous.

Why did Vatm start the carriage before it was ready and leave everyone behind? He had absolutely no reason to at all. He didn't know that other guy was a traitor, and even if he did, why not say that, and get help from the others? What good does it do to launch the carriage all by himself? And why did he put the pad on the roof instead of just carrying it? Why and how does he have a pad with all the sensitive alien info on it? What a total coincidence that both the investigator of the attacks, and the traitor are both there at the same time for no apparent reason. And neither one knows what the other one did, so that's even more coincidental that they both end up on the carriage. Just ridiculous.

NEELIX: Doctor Vatm! Please stop! The tether's base hasn't been secured. If he launches now he'll destabilise the entire cavern.
SKLAR: Wait, please! Don't leave us here!
TUVOK: Stand aside.
NEELIX: It's too late. The cabin support structure is collapsing. We've got to get out of here.
TUVOK: Can we launch?
NEELIX: I think so.

Wut? So you can't launch, but it's ok to launch? Wut?

Then literally about 2 min later they are 30km above the surface. So they were going 900 km/hr. Though they say they are going 30km/hr. Ok then. Then they settle on 47km/hr. And that means it would take a little over 6 hours to reach the top, but earlier they said it takes 12 hours to reach the top. No one working on this show ever checks any speeds or distances or does any sort of math whatsoever apparently.

The other people on the carriage question why Tuvok is in charge of anything, since it's their carriage, and their planet, after all, and Tuvok basically says, 'because I can beat you up that's why'.

HANJUAN: Who put you in command?
TUVOK: If you are trying to intimidate me, I should inform you that as a Vulcan I possess physical strength many times your...
Hanjuan tries to hit Tuvok, and Tuvok grabs his hand crushing it.
TUVOK: It is going to be a long and perilous journey. As such, I will need your full co-operation. Understood?

Nice Starfleet negotiating skills Tuvok.

Then Vatm is murdered!

LILLIAS: Murdered? How?
TUVOK: Poisoning. According to my tricorder readings, his water supply has been contaminated with a lydroxide corrosive.
NEELIX: Lydroxide? That's the coolant used in the tether couplings.
HANJUAN: How do you know it wasn't an accident?
TUVOK: The coolant system is completely sealed, and there is no lydroxide anywhere else on board.

So Sklar killed Vatm. Why? No reason whatsoever that I can see. He didn't know who he was. Where did he get this poison from if everything on the carriage is sealed? He's just carrying it around with him just in case? And there's no trace of it anywhere now? Wut?

And as other people mentioned, they are already short of oxygen, so of course what they do is open the hatch and let all their air out. Pfft.

Tuvok fights Sklar, and instead of nerve pinching him or choking him out or something, he kicks him out of the carriage to his death. So Tuvok murdered someone for no real reason. But that's ok. No one cares about anything else in this episode anyway, so what does that matter?

And the second 'asteroid' is 2 hours away, and is supposedly going to crash into the planet, killing thousands of people. Why didn't Voyager warp over to it and destroy it long before it got to the planet? They just waited there at the planet for it to show up, because that worked out so well the first time right? But it's actually a ship anyway! Gotcha! So lame.

Then Neelix explains what was really going on the whole time at the end, with some pitiful exposition. So much lamer.

A terrible terrible episode. And for all the people saying it could have been better with better direction, not even Steven Spielberg could have saved this total pile of crap.

There's also even more crap that other people mentioned and even more that I tried to erase from my memory.

zero stars.
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