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Sat, Aug 26, 2017, 1:53am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S7: Renaissance Man

The doc and Janeway are kidnapped by aliens and come back and say they have to hand over the warp core and abandon ship or else. And Janeway is acting all out of character, even talking to herself. Chakotay should have immediately assumed command of the ship and tried to lock her up, which is when they would have discovered she was actually the doc, and they would have went searching for the real Janeway and rescued her quite easily. End of what would be about a 10 minute episode.

Instead we get a convoluted steaming pile of nonsense.

And the potato people say near the end that they can use the doc to get information worth 100 warp cores by using him to infiltrate a surveillance complex, so why bother with this complicated and risky plan to steal voyager's single warp core? As soon as they had the doc, why not just leave? Or send him over to disable Voyager and come back, if they were worried about them following them?

I don't think the writer's on this show ever put more than the most minimal thought into what they were writing. 'Let's get the doc to impersonate the crew!' 'For what reason?' 'Who cares?!' 'But what if it doesn't make any sense?' 'Who cares?! He'll be impersonating the crew!' 'Genius!' 'And make him do some Matrix stuff too!' 'That would be awesome!'

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