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Tue, Oct 17, 2017, 12:13am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S2: Resolutions

I'm surprised no one mentioned the similarity to TNG's 'Attached' where Picard and Crusher were stranded together. That was a much better episode in how it dealt with the mostly unspoken feelings that two characters have for each other. Though of course in that episode they were linked telepathically, but still. That was mostly a reset button episode too, but at least it seemed more meaningful than this one.

Now on to this episode specifically.

Why were Chakotay and Janeway in stasis to begin with? They were on the planet, in no danger from the disease, since there is 'something' that keeps them from getting sick. So why stasis? I would think the two of them would have liked to have remained awake so they can find out what's going on. Beam that shelter and other stuff down right away.

They were infected by an insect bite. Everyone knew this. But they were in stasis for 17 days and the Doc (Shmullus, lol) had been working on the solution for over a month. And no one had collected a sample of the insect in that time! You'd think that would be, you know, a priority. Why not? Why not keep them out of stasis so they can find the bug? Or send down teams in spacesuits to find it, or start beaming up bugs, or something? It's only after Voyager leaves that Janeway says basically 'Boy I better catch one of those bugs! That's our only hope!'. Ridiculous.

Sidenote, because it's not just Voyager that does this. It annoys me that every planet in the galaxy looks just like earth, same animals (a monkey!), same plants, same sky, etc. At least in TOS they put in purple trees and pink skies and shit like that a lot of the time.

Everyone on the ship is so sad :( because they are gone, and morale sucks. But it's been six weeks. You'd think they would have gotten over some of that by now, but no. Everyone is testy and can't focus and so on. Pfft.

So Kes makes a very emotional plea to Tuvok, and asks him to think about his feelings. That is about the worst way to convince a Vulcan to do anything. She, or in this case, Neelix (though I hate to say that), since he's the 'morale officer', should have convinced him that morale is bad because they are gone and so logically they won't make it home or some such thing. Kes's appeal about emotions makes no sense.

I'm not a woman, so I don't know if Chakotay's story would have gotten me all hot and bothered were that the case, but to me it was pretty lame. 'You make me at peace'. Pfft.

Then Denara contacts the Doc directly in sickbay when the Vidiians are attacking. How? And why didn't she just send over the formula or chemical compostion for the cure when they communicated with her in the first place? Let's suppose they had to have the actual vial of it, whatever. But the Vidiians were planning to attack, and I assume take Voyager and the crew, so why would the Vidiians bring her along to an attack? Why would they bring the cure with them? Wut? Makes no sense.

Then they use the antimatter trick to win the battle. Apparently they didn't care that Denara was on one of the ships that might be destroyed. But I guess they knew that a massive antimatter exposion would only disable the ships and not destroy them or something. And that's a good trick. Too bad they never used it before or ever again. Another Voyager contrivance.

Most of this episode makes no sense, but if they had used it for some good character development between Janeway and Chakotay, I could almost forgive them, but of course they didn't and it's all forgetten by the next episode.

1 1/2 stars.
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