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Sat, Oct 21, 2017, 3:28am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S3: Basics, Part II

Terrible episode. I'll skip over most of the terrible things in it that others brought up already and mention some of the other terrible things in it.

Chakotay takes the dead guys suit and says he'll make solar stills from it to collect water. How would that work exactly? How does a starfleet uniform convert into a solar still? And how would that give enough water for 150 people?

So the kid isn't Chakotay's. Seska had taken a DNA sample from Chakotay's spine in the earlier episode. Seska I guess accidentally used Cullah's DNA instead of the DNA she collected from Chakotay when she made the baby, so how did that happen? She can genetically engineer a baby from spinal fluid but, oops! she got the spinal fluid mixed up with Cullah's sperm! Or something. And she didn't ever do any sort of test to make sure who's baby it was? And a Cardassian/Kazon hybrid baby looks totally human except for one small bump on it's forehead. All that is stupid.

EMH: 'Computer, emergency medical priority one one four. Delete the signature of Mister Suder's comm. badge from the system. There is to be no record of his being on board.'

Because that is a medical emerency for sure. And why would he have the ability to do that at all?

Paris convinces the Talaxians to help him by saying he has a 'plan'. And they say 'OK we'll meet you there!'. Because they wouldn't ask what the actual plan was or anything.

TUVOK: '...I taught archery science for several years at the Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts.'

LOL. Whatever you say Voyager.

The best way to rescue people held hostage by a band of aggresive armed cavemen is to walk right up to them and explain to them gently in an alien gobbledygook language that they are all going to leave, and then walk away. Yep. That would work.

Then after the dude gets eaten by the monster, they poke two sticks at the ceiling and cause the entire tunnel to collapse in a massive cave-in. Yep. That would work.

TUVOK: You may find nobility in the savage, Commander, but he is only interested in killing you.
CHAKOTAY: I don't believe that.

Because so far all they have done is kidnap two people and chase after you with spears and axes trying to kill you and then try to smoke you out of a cave so they can capture you and/or kill you, then chase after some more people with spears and axes. But no, Chakotay thinks they are nice. :) And of course he's right in the end, because, you know, Star Trek.

Chakotay rescues that cavewoman from the lava, by walking down a slope, and jumping onto a large rock and then onto her rock. Because there is no way she could have just done that herself, or anyone else could have, like maybe her caveman friends. Not to mention forgetting that it would be about 1000 degrees celsius where she is, but lots of shows/movies ignore the temperature thing (Revenge of the Sith and Return of the King spring to mind), so I won't blame Voyager too much for that bit.

The Kazon also used escape pods to leave Voyager, so they lost probably half of those this episode, but I guess they just made some new ones the same way they remake all of their shuttles and photon torpedoes.

The caveman puts a leaf with a rock in it(?) or something on Wildman's baby's chest and it's cured. Because of course primitive alien caveman medicine from the other side of the galaxy would treat a Human/Ktarian hybrid baby's fever and respiratory problems.

Part 1 wasn't very good, but it wasn't terrible. I gave it 2 stars. Part 2 is completely awful.

Zero stars for the planet nonsense, and 1 star for the space nonsense.

So 1/2 star overall.
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Sat, Sep 30, 2017, 12:32am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Maneuvers

Oh the plot holes. So many.

They discover a federation signal from a probe.

TUVOK: According to the encryption key, this particular code was not scheduled for implementation until stardate 48423.
KIM: That's a month after we left Deep Space Nine.

Seska got that code signal how exactly?

Then the Kazon attack and beat the crap out of Voyager. They can't go to warp, they can't transport, and their shields are able to be penetrated easily. Why not just keep the attack going and take the whole ship then? Or better yet why didn't they form a small alliance like they do later and bring more than one ship and take Voyager even more easily.

And when they bust through the shields there is this.

JANEWAY: How the hell can they do that?
CHAKOTAY: I don't know.
CHAKOTAY: It's as if they know our access codes.

So if Seska knows the access codes, why do they try and get them from Chakotay later?

And this.

CHAKOTAY: I'm betting Seska's figured out a way to shield the module from our transporters. We might have to destroy it instead.
TORRES: How do we do that?
CHAKOTAY: We borrow a trick from Seska's book. Remember how we disabled the computer core on the Cardassian frigate orbiting Bajor?
TORRES: Seska modified an anti-proton beam to penetrate its shields and hull.

So why didn't she do her trick again and disable Voyager's computer core?

And Seska can build a complete transporter system, from memory apparently, except for this one tiny module, which I guess she forgot how to build? Really. Ok then.

Chakotay takes a shuttlecraft. And that's a security breach?

JANEWAY: What I want to know, Mister Tuvok, is how he was able to get a shuttlecraft off this ship without either of us knowing about it.
TUVOK: Apparently he was able to override the lockout command.

You mean the first officer on the ship doesn't have the security clearance to know the lockout commands for a shuttle? I would think the XO would be able to take a shuttle whenever he felt like it. He should have asked for permission first, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be able to take one. And what good are lockout commands if they can be overridden in so easily anyway?

Janeway calls for a meeting and they discover Chakotay missing within a few minutes of him leaving.

JANEWAY: Where's Chakotay?
TORRES: He was in Engineering helping me modify the coil scanner. He said he'd be right up.
JANEWAY: Janeway to Chakotay. Computer, locate Commander Chakotay.
COMPUTER: Commander Chakotay is not aboard the ship.

But somehow he has a gotten a three hour lead on them? I guess they sat around for three hours contemplating what to do before finally deciding to go after him.

Then they chase after Chakotay at maximum impulse. He has a three hour lead in a pitiful little shuttle. Why not just go to warp 9 and they would catch him in about 2 seconds?

So they are beating Chakotay for the codes (which they already had?). Because they need them to defeat Voyager I guess. But they didn't know Chakotay would come and be captured. They were expecting Voyager to show up and wouldn't have had the codes needed to defeat them that they were beating out of Chakotay. But with 7 ships they could defeat Voyager anyway, so why do they need the codes? They beat Voyager with codes and one ship earlier, but now they can't, because they have more ships and no codes. Or something.

And then they want to transport Chakotay when as Kim says, they are going 2 billion miles a second. So they are at least 30 seconds or more away when Torres tries to get a lock on Chakotay, but can't because of a dampening field. That means they are at least 60 billion miles away if not more. So the range of a transporter is now at least 60 billion miles instead of the normal 24,000 miles. Of course it is. For them to even attempt a lock from 24,000 miles away they would be about .000012 seconds from the target when going 2 billion miles a second.

Plus the many plot holes I didn't mention that other people brought up above.

One plot hole I can overlook. Maybe two. Or even three. But about fifteen? No.

1 1/2 stars
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