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Thu, Dec 21, 2017, 2:55am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S5: Night

I just thought of something else. Janeway MURDERS the crew of that Malon ship, and they were the only ones who knew about the vortex, so why destroy it? No one else knew about it? Why not just fly through it once she had MURDERED them? No need to risk their lives after that.
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Wed, Dec 20, 2017, 11:50pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S5: Night

Since I'm posting this years later, I'll be repeating some things other's said, but they bear repeating.

The whole concept of this episode makes no sense on virtually every level.

Why wouldn't they be able to see any stars? Because radiation is messing up their sensors, they say. But I guess it just blocks all em radiation from everything so no one can see anything with their naked eyes either. Yet they can use the sensors to tell how far they have to go to get out somehow?

These void aliens couldn't live there, and certainly couldn't have evolved there. No energy at all. Why not leave the void? Why not destroy the Malon ship? Why not destroy the Vortex?

Why is everyone all panicky and depressed and on edge? Because they can't see stars out of their window? Who cares? They are starfleet personnel who live on a starship in outer space. They can't handle it being dark outside for a couple months without going all bonkers? There is plenty to do on Voyager to keep everyone occupied and entertained for years, much less a couple months.

Why did the holodeck have a blackout too? LOL.

And the biggest plot-hole of all is, this area is a void because it's filled with theta radiation. That's why they can't see anything. At least that's what they say in the episode. Is it because that one dude is dumping antimatter there? And if the void was there already as implied by the fact that the void aliens lived in the void for millions of years, why was there a void in the first place without the radiation? Did this one ship dump enough antimatter into this area and completely fill up 2500 light years worth of space with radiation, and millions of years in the past? Or if it was filled with radiation already, the void aliens would all have been dead a long time ago. None of that makes any sense. There shouldn't be a void at all, or at least not because of theta radiation.

And the ending. Oh boy.

There are basically three choices of what to do presented in the episode. One is, keep going like they were, through the void, having made friends with the void aliens, and take two years to get through it. Reasonable choice. Or two, Janeway can basically kill herself to destroy the vortex and let everyone else go through and save two years. Completely stupid choice, buy hey, if she wants to kill herself, that's her business. And three, destroy the Malon ship, murdering the entire crew, and destroy the vortex, and everyone gets to save two years. An insane psychotic choice.

And guess which one Janeway ends up choosing? Right! The insane psychotic choice, because Janeway is the worst captain in the history of starfleet.

1 1/2 stars. Bad start for the season if you ask me.
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