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Sat, Dec 9, 2017, 2:05am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S4: Vis A Vis

So many things wrong with this episode. I'll end up mentioning things other people already talked about, but that goes with me reviewing it years later I guess. :D

Paris' strange behaviour others already talked about. But I agree. It came out of nowhere.

The alien ship is about to explode, and only Paris knows that to create a warp whatever in the whatever will save it. Right. It's a theory from starfleet that doesn't work, and the aliens get it to work, sort of, but they don't know how to stop the ship from blowing up, but Tom does? Silly.

Why did the alien start morphing between one body and the last? If he switched consciousness, that has nothing to do with DNA, and that wouldn't happen. If he was switching DNA, that has nothing to do with consciousness. The episode seemed to want it both ways. That makes no sense. It should have been a mind swap and nothing to do with DNA. Not that any of it makes any sense at all anyway.

A minor point, but one that bugged me, was that one of the reasons Torres was mad at Paris is because he didn't show up to 'recalibrate the plasma manifolds'. But why would he? That's her job, or another of her staff, not Paris' job. Did she think that was a date? lol.

And this alien takes over Paris' body. Fine. But how would it know how to pilot Voyager? How would it know any of the stuff that it did? It even flattered the Doc to get out of sickbay duty. How would it know that would work? They made it seem as though the alien knew everything Tom knew. But yet it couldn't find it's way to sickbay to begin with. Either it knows everything or it doesn't. Stupid.

Near the end, Tom was choking Janeway. But they had already switched bodies. Which means that the alien was in Janeway's body, and that Janeway was in Paris' body. So why would he still be choking her? Janeway, in his body, would stop the instant they switched. Makes no sense.

There are other stupid things as well, most of which others brought up, but I'll move on to the two most important thngs.

First of all, they now know how to make a fully functional coaxial warp drive, that lets them fold space and travel anywhere in an instant, a la Dune (or now Discovery), and it is never implemented on Voyager, or even mentioned again. Screw you Voyager. You suck.

And secondly and most egregious of all, is the fact that Torres was raped. RAPED!!! Seriously. She was raped. No one seemed to care about this. An alien raped B'Ellana. Raped her. Paris didn't care. Torres didn't care. Raped! Nothing said about it. That alone gives this episode -3 stars. And for all the people whining about rape in the episode about Seven and her false memories of someone stealing her nanoprobes, that wasn't rape. This was a rape! A real actual rape. And no one cares!! No one in the show, and no one, other than one or two in the comments. Insane.

1/2 star from me. Did I mention that Torres was raped!? wtf?
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