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Mon, Oct 23, 2017, 3:40pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S4: Bound

While not a great episode, I liked it ok. There was some decent humor in it for one thing.

I don't see it as sexist at all. They are Orion slave girls. That's what they do, act sexy. May as well say the show is dog-ist(?) because Porthos acts like a dog.

And I didn't see anyone throwing the term sexist around every time Trip or Mayweather or Archer took off their shirt. How about the Ferengi episode where Trip was in his underwear for about 1/2 of it? Not one mention of sexism in those comments. I never understood why showing a woman half naked is supposedly sexist, but showing a man half naked isn't. And people like looking at attractive people, so what's the big deal? Also they were, you know...aliens, with an alien culture, and if they run around in bikinis all the time, who am I to judge?

@Just another fan

'...I find it interesting that folks on this board cannot agree on whether the episode is sexist or not. Here's a thought. It's pretty easy to tell whether something is racist. So try this test on this episode: Imagine all the female characters are black and all the male characters are white. Do you have the same reaction?'

Like I said, I didn't think it was sexist. BTW, are they still supposed to be aliens in your scenario? Anyway, why would it be racist for black people to act all sexy and have some sort of pheromones that make white people swoon over them? How about if all the women were Mexican and all the men were Japanese? Is that still racist to you? Or, say...the women were green and the men were white (except one)? Does that make it racist?

And what if the Orions had been men and all the women (and yes, there are more than just Hoshi on board) went weak in the knees, and the men all got headaches and whatever? Is that still sexist?

Any time one person or small group of people is depicted in a certain way, doesn't automatically make it '-ist'. Racist, sexist, religionist, ageist, blah blah blah. In this episode, there were three alien women acting sexy. That doesn't suddenly imply that anyone thinks all women act that way. Or with the 'what if they were black people and white people' the same thing applies. That doesn't suddenly imply that anyone thinks all black people would act that way.

Assuming a single person or small group of people represents an entire race, or sex, or religion, etc. is wrong. So saying this episode is sexist, because a few women act sexy, is no different than watching an episode of 'Law and Order' or 'CSI' and saying it's racist because the criminal in it happened to be black in that episode. Anytime any character that is black or gay or a woman or whatever they happen to be, is allegedly portrayed in a negative way, it's not suddenly racist or homophobic or sexist. People who think it is, are the ones who perpetuate all the bad stereotypes.

Say I'm watching the episode of 'Law and Order' I mentioned above where the criminal turns out to be black. I think to myself that guy is a bad guy. It doesn't matter if he's black or white or green. He killed that other dude, so he's a bad guy. But then the person I'm watching it with says 'I knew they would do that! They think all blacks are criminals! That's racist!'. Well guess who is actually the racist? Me, who thought he was a bad guy because he murdered someone? Or the person who brings up the fact that he was black and equates that with criminal behaviour? They probably aren't even aware of what they did, and their intention might be good, but they are the ones thinking racist thoughts, not me. At least not until they brought it up. So who actually perpetuates all this racism, sexism, etc.? Hmmmmm....

Where was I? Oh yeah. 2 stars.
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