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Tue, Oct 10, 2017, 1:44am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S2: Investigations

I'll try and skip most of the nonsensical things already pointed out by others, but here are some more.

So Keska and the Kazon ship have been following Voyager around for weeks and Voyager didn't notice? Otherwise how did they show up 10 minutes after Paris left?

And this was all a big trap by Seska, who has ground troops on the planet's surface (what are they for anyhow?) and a fleet of ships on the way. So whatever happened to all of that then? Seska knew she would only have a limited time to capture Voyager after it was sabotaged, so where is everyone?

And Seska says that once they capture Voyager they will be able to take over the entire quadrant, sector by sector. Lol. Another terrible overestimation of how tough Voyager is. Just because they have one extra starship, they can suddenly defeat the all the other Kazon and the Botha and the Vidiians and the Borg and the Haakonians, etc. etc. Ok then.

And if Seska had this whole plan all set up long ago, why does she even bother kidnapping Paris? She was expecting to capture the entire Voyager crew anyway. Who gives a crap about Paris?

Jonas sabotages the ship, then stands in front of a console that he knows is going to explode and nearly dies. I guess that was to make people think he wasn't a spy? That's a good way to do it. No one will suspect him if he's dead maybe?

Then he almost attacks Neelix with a little blowtorch. I guess he was going to burn his hair off. Ouch.

And Neelix walks into engineering asking to see all the communication logs for the past 2 months. And Torres just says OK, here you go. Maybe ask Janeway first? Apparently that's not any sort of security risk. And when Neelix thinks he has found that the spy is Paris, instead of going to Tuvok or Janeway, he just announces it to the entire ship. Whatever.

The escape by Paris from the Kazon was all ridiculous. The Kazon ship can't even take out one small shuttle after literally about 10 minutes of shooting at it? And then Voyager beams Paris out through his and their own shields. Once again, the magic transporter of Voyager that either does impossible things, or doesn't work at all.

Speaking of transporting, Paris doesn't have his commbadge on (unless it's in his pocket or something) yet they beam him out fine. Yet when they try to beam Jonas out of engineering, all they get is his commbadge. They can't beam him out unless he is wearing it? But they beam all sorts of people and objects all over the place without a commbadge, so how does that work? They beamed a bunch of Kazon over to their ship (through the shields) several episodes ago. How? Did they beam over commbadges first? I never understood the whole commbadge/transporter thing.

Horrible episode. 1 star.
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