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Sat, Oct 28, 2017, 7:35pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: Lethe

To Chrome:
"show’s take on technologies true to the era such as com badges, phasers, and force fields."

What is it about that so praising? They chose that era, and believe or not these things are only there because they need some symbols which could be easily recognizable from the past Trek even for non-trek fans. Without them, show could be easly to name only Discovery, show that could be similar to BSG, The Expanse, but they would earn less.

Mostly what I read on internet about "defenders DIS", that is different, and is a good thing because other TV Trek shows has change in time and change and new things are not bad things and this provide survival Star trek franchise to next decades, and if someone will be b*tch a about new Trek things, that there will be no Star trek in future - for not only me they are ready to sacrifice essence of Star trek only because they want see more Trek things and they found any apology for mistakes which creators did. For me is pretty good TV show, but is not a Star trek. They can put there lot of easter eggs about Trek, they can put together the Discovery to the continuity, which could explain most change, but in the end, running only in circle. They did not invent something new, only messing the past Trek things. In fact they doing same mistakes as rest of hollywood these days - For exmaple last Star Wars, Terminator and other brand.
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Fri, Oct 27, 2017, 4:53pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: Lethe

"And I, for one, DO have a problem with the Holodeck existing in this century. In “Encounter at Farpoint,” it’s fairly clear that the Holodeck is a fairly new technology and most of the characters are amazed at how realistic it is."

But there is also mention in TNG laters years that in other and older starships is nothing like holodeck. I was I think case of Lt. Lt. Barclay, there is mention that on previous assignment there wasn´t no holodeck on USS Zhukov. Zhukov according Memory Alpha is Ambassador-class ship, much older than Galaxy-class ship. So could be explanation for this. Also in last episode of STD was mention that Discovery is the most modern starship in starfleet. So Constitution-class could be older technology than Crossfield-class.

But there is but. All that technology in STD is absurd that should be only 10 years before Kirk time. USS Shenzhou was mention that is old ship - still technology looks so much better than on Constitution starship. According Memory Alpha, Walker starship was using between 2240 to 2250. 2245 is dating of start using Constitution class, so they should have simillar technology - Holography comunication, holo mirror, holo screen. So something could be explain, something not. Overall I see only one reason why they done this. They want "same" fans from Star trek movies since 2009 came to new TV show, to have same feeling. But could be done much better, with writers who have some experience from Star trek past. There are lot of writers, who are sucessful after Trek shows, who can do it show in modern way and still have feeling of ST. But they think probably that they are not needed and they could do it "in own way".

I also have feeling that Disovery is "half-baked" project, done at last minute. It´s possible that Discovery should be about something else, that they do it this because of ST: Axnar - so there is question if Axnar creators steal Discovery idea, or Discovery creators have nothing at they mind than to steal Axnar idea, because they can do it - and Axnar can´t. If the second thought true is mostly "childish thinking" of CBS.

The result. What is done is done, for mine point of view, second season probably will be much better, there is reason why they want a year gap between season 1 and 2. In season one done much mistakes so far, but creators have still time for "redemption" in season two. I remember that Stargate Universe have same problem at season 1, season 2 was much better. If writers have some vision, plan for season 2, it would be preform in much better way. I still hope, maybe nothing to do with Star trek at all, but it still could be a good sci-fi show, something what Star trek needed. Discovery still could be like BSG in 2005, which was done it differently than series from 70s and 80s.
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